Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Because it's green

A' levels. Economics class. Teacher asks something about the text book. I told her I didn't want to read the book.


"Because it's green!" out came my reply. Dunno from where.

"That's the strangest reason I've heard for not studying a text book. 'It's green!'"The teacher was stunned. The class wsa stunned. And it took me about a minute to hear myself echoed off their lips. It DID sound weird.

"Because it's green"- in those three words, I revealed the most absurd reason - a prejudice against a bad ugly green color - for not reading a book. But, but. That was the color of the sickly green enamel I saw in hospitals when I was a kid. It's the color of the patients'/doctors' gowns on ER. Sick!

Anyhoo. I am sensitive to design. Now only if God blessed me with better designing skills myself. What am I thinking? I want to make this blog look bettah!


  1. Are you studying from As and A2 Economics by Colin Bamford? (I guess that's the name of the writer)...err..the one endorsed by CIE?

    That is greenish. I hate the cover, but the content of that book is superb.

    You study from that book, and you surely get a good grade.

    Are you studing from the book, I've mentioned above?

    Cheerio !

  2. Dinky, it's been a long time since I did my A's. Nope, that wasn't the author. Stanley Someone was.

    But what's that infatuation with green? I think it's a government subsidized freely available color pigment. That's my only reasoning. :)