Friday, August 29, 2008

Love Fears Not Fire!

Who is of better faith than one who submits themselves to God while doing good and following the creed of Abraham, the true in faith? For God chose Abraham as a friend.
-Quran (4:125)

Ah! Sometimes the Qur'anic Inspiration of the Day hits me in the heart! Ecstasy!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to Change Other People

Well Prophecy, I can at least share my heart's secret with you?...

I wish to be liberated from non-listeners.

And now - hah! - now that means that if somehow, somewhere I do not listen, then I must. The Universe will then remove non-listeners from around me.

It's very curious, this spiritual method: we cannot change others. But we can do something very interesting... we can change in us what we wish to change in others. So, for instance, if we think other people are rude, we can remove the corresponding attribute from within ourselves. It can either be rudeness or excessive politeness. Removing that from within us corrects our Universe outside.

The Universe is a system of dynamic energy... its operations can also be understood by observing how chemical reactions work. (Pause: Why are they called reactions?) Notice how some elements are programmed to attract others. Or in thermal dynamics. Notice how if air turns too hot by contact with heated earth, it must rise, and cool air will rush in to take its place. There is a dynamism in relationships in the world.

We master the dynamism from our own end; from deep within ourselves, by gaining the correct perception that our Universe extends outwardly from US. Think of yourself as a shiny crystal ball with a lamp inside, radiating rays outwards in a very dark room. What you see in the room is what is coming from within you. Keep your internal fire alight, keep the surface of your crystal polished. And to change the scenery outside, modulate the display of the light within.


Dear Kind Soul:

You deserve peace. You deserve gentleness in your world. It will come from within you.

The time to shake off the unenlightened has passed. Now is the time to pick them up again, for you have gained your strength again by distancing yourself.

Overall, this is a time for closure and completion to begin. You shall clean your heart in preparation for its worthy Resident.

To start, you must intend to go through the process with commitment and joy.

Then you affirm that you are kind and open and giving. Then, I suggest, you must write. Write letters. Communicate to seek closure with people. Worry not about the outcomes, do your bit. In seeking closure with situations, take quiet time out. Rest your attention on the matter, and ask yourself for a resolution. It will come, simply because it's meant to.

As for that which you cannot handle, seek closure through Allah. Do your bit.

It's important to tie the knots now in order to move on. The Universe needs to come together, so it will boldly conspire in your favor. Actually, may be it's you who are conspiring in the Universe's favor. Do so by submitting to the Design, and to help any other soul that seeks closure through you.

Arrive at where those who choose to arrive must arrive!

Look Within Your Heart!

My dear woman,

Neither in the tomes ancient,
Nor in words of women and men wise -
Neither in the prayers of the kind,
Nor even in the warm embrace of lovers...

At some time, not even in the spirit that protects you
lies God within.

When you come so far,
Then no further shall you go.

For now there is no going back or forth,
North or South, East or West.
Stop and look now within your heart,
Where always, ever God does rest.


Dear Prophecy:

You feel dismay? But of course! Enjoy the feeling, and surrender to it, so it shall reveal its secret. It tells you that you indeed shall not get anything from anyone at this moment. It tells you, in other words - there are always, ever, other benevolent words we grasp hardly - it tells you that you have reached the point where you must now find the remedy within you!

You won't see anything if you look around, for it is the moment to look within.

Look within your heart, my dejected self, look within your heart! Celebrate your dejection - it is a sign post! Look! Look! Look Who's coming to stay within!



Counting the Beans

My fearful Prophecy:

Counting & counting & counting is an attitude. It does not matter whether what you are counting is a virtue or a vice. What matters is the essence of your action.

Counting, my dear, closes things. Close things do not grow. This stage is of opening. Open!

To those with the first degree of sight, counting is limited to material. So they conclude that it's counting such things as Money which is an obsession and a flaw of character. Those who perceive subtler things frown upon counting Time.

You, Prophecy, should now remember the even subtler deception: counting of Virtue.

Do not, my worrisome self, concern yourself with Eternity, for you already exist within it. Do not calculate the ramifications of your actions. Surpass that stage where you think you are accountable to the blind who insist upon de-fabricating everything. Or rather, do not pander to your own internal bean counter, and all such people will vanish from around you. They are simply your road signs, your warnings, your reflections. Honor them.

Don't ponder upon your own inability to understand what good are you? Who knows? Hu knows!

This is the world of impermanence. This is the space of shift. Everything alters too quickly for you to calculate every thing. And there is no use. What are you going to do with your results? Will you certify yourself? Or will others, who have the uncanny knack of being very timely dis-interested in such matters?

Shed off making meaning. Perceive the meaning there is. In-joy the process!

I love you; and wish you the Best.

[Written on August 28th, 2008]

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


At night I witness great dismay within, and in mornings, I wake up to witness Joy.

Whatever it may be - surrender, surrender I must!

Trust! Trust!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008



My darling! You have all the hints of approval from Being. There is no need to work out how things work. Rather, to stay with the process.

Ponder not the infinity of choices. Worry not about others and others. Stay in the moment and choose.

Trust yourself. That is the key. Trust yourself. You live with your Self, not with the Other. Understand this. You are exactly where you need to be. Let go of where you are not, and you will arrive in a state of arrival.

I trust you to be present.


Monday, August 25, 2008


Ya Allah!

Give my heart the strength I need, and wary me not with distraction.


I'm a Lover. This is My Way.

Dear Prophecy

Allah's Design is astounding. To come here you had to close your heart. It is uncharacteristic of you, but it was required to get you moving on from a certain stage. Love, my dear, is by principle open. To draw nearer, open up your heart. Again. Be vulnerable. Enjoy this. You have forgiven. That is a state of ego.

Now seek forgiveness! Can you reach out to those who you must connect with? Can you shed your identity and your involvements behind? Can you, instead, just be truly human? Can you extend your right hand in cooperation and in love?

Can you lose your sight and see through Allah's Eyes? Can you quieten your inner voice and hear through Allah's Ears? Can you drop your arm and work through Allah's Hand? Can you stop your footsteps and walk with Allah's Feet?

You can. You will. For from here onwards, this is the Way to Reach Love! Give love. Seek to connect. Drop your residual agenda. Submit to Allah. Live through Hu.

(Written on August 24th, 2008 in my diary, as an inspiration hit me.)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Disappointing Woman


You know me, and I trust you. What is it with my prayer for Your Love to increase for me, and the world turning its back upon me?

But to be honest, I finally, really could not care less. I do not care what they think of me, or what they say. I ask You for You; and when I perceive You, I cannot care what flaws, handicap, or imperfections I have. An appraisal of my defections is not just a life-long distraction by default, it also entirely is a statement of ingratitude.

Allah, I do not have a printed certificate from You that declares who I am or what my existence means, that I can present to the world. None such oddity exists either. Nor do I bother!

You created as many ways to reach You as there are hearts in human chests. So I tell You what my way is - regardless of any other way: my way is the way of not concentrating upon my "flaws" but to love You. I see how Beautiful You are, and any other contemplation is a waste. I have had enough of occupying myself with my errors. I do not care! I have no time to dwell upon myself in Your Presence!
In order to accept You, I accept me! That is it! I accept who I am! I accept where I am!

You love me!
I love You!

I will not explain this to anyone! I will not explain how I am sheltered in my homelessness, well in my sickness, and submitting in my 'sin.'

I am, to them, a disappointing woman. A woman who comes up to no expectation, a good-for-nothing, morally-challenged woman who needs supervision. Most think the same, and a few behold me in awe. Neither matter, for I am tired of blame or praise, and I am with You.

And if this all means that my prayer for Your Love is accepted, then witness when I say: I love You. I disappoint all else. And so be it.