Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not A Science [a poem]

[Not A Science]



Reducing to
simpler equations
my existence -
these logical minds!



That breaks constructs.
Beyond descriptions.
So simplifying!

My Existence
is defying
all descriptions
of the Science.
-RA aka The Prophecy
Sunday, April 27, 2008

Prophecy - yet another poem! This is a working title. The real title is "iaHia" - which is a code. Perhaps I shall change it later. In-joy!

Friday, April 25, 2008



Like fractals,
like beautiful, out-growing, ever-branching fractals,
you unfurl before me -
two after two,
two after two after two,
two after two after two after two,
each two into two -
an ever-branching Tree of Choices.

You bewilder me!
You amaze me!

With your vastness,
with your branching of possibilities,
with your forking and forking and forking and forking.

You perplex me.
In a beautiful, enchanting way.
You seduce me,
to split and to split and to split and to split.
Each split in two splits.
An ever-splitting Self,
unrestrained when.

I integrate me,
While you fill my perception,
while you reach and reach and reach and reach,
my every sense,
I behold you
as one.
As a Tree of Choices;
as no more than a single, magical fractal of choices.

From within you,
from within the enchantments of your vastness of choices,
I choose.

Yes, I choose!
And so I hop
and grow
from branch
to branch
to branch
to an ever-branching branch.
Ever for.

-RA aka The Prophecy

Going with the flow of a supremely creative period I am experiencing, I have returned to a love of poetic writing, and music - I sing, and I compose music only in my head, because I can play hardly any instrument.

This poem is inspired by a multitude of conversations I am having with several persons... all about choices, and the ramifications of choices. Having observed a written comment about choices - yet again - suddenly stirred me. I wanted to write as the poem evolved in my head. I may edit it later, this is just a momentary inspiration I felt I must not let slip. Technique can come after. Magic of the moment first!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Fool's Song

Oh well Prophecy!

I can't describe how deeply sensitive am I feeling to music these days. You know, I had left music for a long time, opening myself up to another layer of perception.

But I carry myself with the Flow, and it has taken me right back to music, for which I have a gift, unexpressed as it is. I don't know what to do with it? So I have started singing again, even though just to myself.

And I have started sensing songs, once again. This time, my understanding is richer. It is not, as is previously was, limited to fantastic film-like images. I now sense the spirit moving through a song, and I can "see" how the music flows or not in a composition.

But that's not what I was going to write about! I was going to tell you of a couple of songs that have inspired my soul to a point of foolishness.

Now how is one inspired to be foolish?

How can you ask that, Prophecy? Haven't you lived with me long enough to know? I am a Fool!

Listen to what I have to share! I was listening to this song which could entirely be put in the categories of a "romantic" song. But there was a sense of freedom and spirit in it... which is what captured my mind. I didn't care that the woman in the song sang to a man to deliver her to a land of freedom, away from the tradition of the world. To me, that could as well be the song of my Soul.

I love to love. In whatever way. That song made me reflect, Prophecy. It made me think of all the grudge and illness I harbor in this heart of mine: when did it come to live in me?

I love, Prophecy, I love! I am not the one who hates. Though truly, I understand love to the point to know that sometimes, love makes s a warrior for the purpose of saving Love, while our own life may go. Love is the spirit of this world. Those who cannot fight to save the spirit do not go the full mile. But why do I speak of the Other?

It is my Self that matters, it is all that matters. I love, and that's all I am capable of doing. I can fight, but not for hate, and not because of hate. My grudge must be for growing love, not killing it.

I listened to that song, and I asked myself, which is a better choice?
To entangle oneself in lower emotions, try to grasp at every straw, and still be swept away in wild currents of time?
Or to rise above one's lower Self, to seek a blessed shore, to let go of the straws and the unreliable supports, just flow with Flow of this Existence? To in-joy every twisting, turning, moment of being, until a sense of Everness is sensed?

Why be stubborn and stick to the temporary just to avenge oneself for no good gain, losing a connection with the First, the Last, The Manifest, and the Hidden?
Why must not I be the conduit of the most powerful force in Existence: LOVE!?

Why not love, Prophecy, why not love?

I am foolish. I go where angels fear to tread. Angels do not have the darkness that humans must overcome, just to sense the deep richness of being. Angels, thus, aren't even sought - they are seeking.

I am the Sought. I love. I have no choice. I am a fool, and this is my song: to sing longing for my Soul's freedom. For the Fool's return to Paradise.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not Letting Go?

When you keep a dog on the leash, the dog keeps you on the leash too.
-The Prophecy

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pervez Musharraf


Pervez Musharraf is one of my heroes. This realization just became clearer to me again, as I undertook an exercise identifying my heroes and what I admire about them.

I don't know who else to share this with, so I am sharing this here.

I identified that I regard Musharraf deeply, despite disagreeing with some of his moves, including the Chief Justice fiasco.

What I truly, deeply respect in Pervez Musharraf is his decision-making.

  • That he can take decisions independent of how he will be seen, and still be attuned to "ground realities."
  • That he takes responsibility for his actions and decisions, and even for the actions and decisions of his team.
  • That he does not leave his ground and run, despite adversity.
  • That he is tender enough to have cared f women empowerment. According to the biography of Greg Mortenson, a climber who had built 55+ schools in Central Asias rural and mountain communities, Three Cups of Tea, Musharraf put his battle where his heart is, and sent the army to shoo off the ignorant militants who had bombed girls' schools.

[F]ifteen military helicopters flew in formation up the Daryle Valley, a haven of Taliban and Al Qaeda [...], hunting extremists who had bombed eight government girls' schools. Mortenson by then, had come to admire Musharraf, gratified to see that Pakistan's government was prepared to fight for the education of its girls.
-Page 309, Penguin Paperback Edition
Three Cups of Tea

{OK, let me go and get the notebook where I wrote all this.}
  • That he is knowledgeable and has foresight.
  • That he is a man of the world.
  • And that, he is a man.

I admire Musharraf because I draw strength from a mental image of him. I learn that in order to move with life, we have become aware, to balance out the truth of our situation, walk the middle path, take decisions every moment. That we aren't born to please or to gratify victims who control us, but to live our destiny. We breathe to do the right thing - not necessarily the good thing. I learn that it's important to be courageous than to be an all-appeasing goody-two shoes. We can never satisfy the world; the world is in a constant state of deprivation. We aren't here for the world, but for the reason of the creation of everything.

All this led me to wonder about my own weakness as a citizen of Pakistan: of how have I not contributed to the growth and development of my people and nation by entangling myself in lesser affairs? I believe that the entire Universe works at a massive scale which is immediately accessible to us all if we allow ourselves to see the beauty of Design - and then go with the flow. It is crucial to our existence to understand the meaning of our being. It simply makes our lives, "meaningful."

So. I wish to inculcate in me the best of the qualities of the people I admire.

Enough said.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How to Choose Your True Path


There are many realities, there is only one Truth. You are at a stage where you know there really isn't anything that's a choice: there is one path for you to walk on, and the rest are distractions, tempting as they might be. The fire and the sorrow that you feel in your heart immediately as you contemplate a "choice" - which is in truth distractive - is a blessing. This is why they say that in each instance, the Universe is a blessing, it is based on the principle of positivity.

When you feel that fire, when you feel that hollow - thank Allah! Thank yourself, too, for being alive and sensitive to your condition within (and without). Thank Allah for giving you the capacity to discern what's your destiny from amongst a myriad of intellectual choices.

The mind knows many things, the heart knows only one thing: the Truth.

You were choosing, once again, from what is freely available to you - except, of course, the most disastrous of distractions, for even looking at them can destroy what you have walked towards. You were given all that you desired, which then brought up three questions:
  • What do you desire?
  • Why do you desire it?
  • Even if it's meant for you, why do you still approach your fate from the path of desire? Why not be liberated?
No wonder your heart was on fire again, and you could not sleep. You will not sleep until your intention has been chiseled into beauty.... I will not say perfection, because we are creations, we are in constant change, we are not permanent, we are not perfect nor meant to be.

So, choosing your true path is actually easy, given that your perception is trained to see positivity above negativity. Negativity is somehow more obvious, may be because it pulls our energies so dramatically that we cannot but know it exists. Actually, this ought to be a blessing because through this feeling of being consumed, we ought to know what not to be consumed by.... but it's not enough to feel, what is needed is to act according to what we have perceived.

The fortunate ones, however, train to perceive positivity. It is that beatific, serene, expansive path which puzzles some because it seems to be not "doing" anything. That's the beauty of it, for it does not act upon us as much as it allows us to be who we truly are. Positivity in humans exhibits in the form of those souls around whom we feel safe, joyful, creative, and "ourselves."

The heart knows this all. It is the receptor of feeling. The heart can be blinded by the mind's desire - its chemical, conditioning-driven desires - but the heart truly knows.

You will, Prophecy, always find comfort in choosing that which the heart chooses. That which the heart feels secure in. The path where there is no guilt, no rancor. Of all the mess of choices, your heart knows where love is. It is difficult, sometimes, because we are conditioned so terribly by our world, but ultimately, your peace and growth is in that choice.

I leave you with an affirmation from Don Juan, speaking to his pupil, Carlos Castaneda:

Anything is one of a million paths [un camino entre cantidades de caminos]. Therefore you must always keep in mind that a path is only a path; if you feel you should not follow it, you must not stay with it under any conditions. To have such clarity you must lead a disciplined life. Only then will you know that any path is only a path, and there is no affront, to oneself or to others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you to do. But your decision to keep on the path or to leave it must be free of fear or ambition. I warn you. Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself, and yourself alone, one question. This question is one that only a very old man asks. My benefactor told me about it once when I was young, and my blood was too vigorous for me to understand it. Now I understand it. I will tell you what it is: Does this path have a heart? All paths are the same: they lead nowhere. They are paths going through the bush, or into the bush. In my own life I could say I have traversed long, long paths, but I am not anywhere. My benefactor's question has meaning now. Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn't, it is of no use. Both paths lead nowhere; but one has a heart, the other doesn't. One makes for a joyful journey; as long as you follow it, you are one with it. The other will make you curse your life. One makes you strong; the other weakens you. (pg. 105-06)

'But how will I know for sure whether a path has a heart or not?' 'Anybody would know that. The trouble is nobody asks the question; and when a man finally realizes that he has taken a path without a heart, the path is ready to kill him. At that point very few men can stop to deliberate, and leave the path.' (pg. 166)

Selections from The Teachings of Don Juan: a Yaqui Way of Knowledge

Choose to Forgive


It's as though the whole Universe speaks in unison to me to inculcate the quality of forgiveness from the heart - a childhood treasure that I must find again.... Hear what is said:

Accept the apology of your Muslim brother and if he has not any, invent one for him yourself.
-Hazrat Imam Ali, May Allah be please with him
(Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 74, p.165) *

Forgiveness is the greatest of virtues. It allows us to get out of another's way, helping them move onwards on their journey... helping them reach closer to Allah. Requesting Allah to show mercy, preferring that over justice.

One of the greater losses a soul can suffer on its journey is the curse of entrapment by Time. By contrast, we grant another soul a great gift - a liberation - when we grant them or return them Time. When we assure this fellow soul that it need not be trapped in the drama of Time, but keep moving on. We do that, sometimes, by forgiving another soul... in the process liberating ourselves from the need to act vigilante.

It is not a small act to rescue a soul hurtling forward on the road to perdition. You participate in creating a heaven by extending forgiveness. And it is the better of routes, for it frees your soul to bring Beauty alive. All this illusion of existence - this story of the Universe - the stipulation of religion - the tribulations of faith - what are all these for?

These are all a quest for Beauty. Realizing the Beauty of Being. And in this world, ensuring that the Being Who seeks is not blocked by our ego from finding the Sought: Human.



* The quote is courtesy: Abdur Rahman's Corner

Monday, April 14, 2008


Para mi solo recorrer los caminos que tienen corazon,
cualquier camino que tenga corazon.
Por ahi yo recorro, y la unica prueba que vale es atravesar todo su largo.
Y por ahi yo recorro mirando, mirando, sin aliento.
(For me there is only traveling on paths that have heart,
on any path that may have heart.
There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length.
And there I travel looking, looking, breathlessly.)
— Don Juan,
The Teachings of Don Juan: a Yaqui Way of Knowledge

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Embrace of Uncertainty

Why ponder thus the future to foresee,
and jade thy brain to vain perplexity?
Cast off thy care, leave Allah's plans to Hu-
Hu formed them all without consulting thee.

-Omar Khayyam, The Rubaiyat

Courtesy: David Oliver Relin, Three Cups of Tea [Chapter 2]

The Immortal Comfort of Friends

To whom death does concern:

They that love beyond the world, cannot be separated by it. Death cannot kill, what never dies. Nor can spirits ever be divided that love and live in the same Divine Principle; the Root and Record of their Friendship. If absence be not death, neither is theirs. Death is but Crossing the World, as Friends do the Seas; they live in one another still. For they must needs be present, that love and live in that which is Omnipresent. In this Divine Glass they see Face to Face; and their converse is free, as well as pure. This is the comfort of friends, that though they may be said to die, yet their friendship and society are, in the best sense, ever present, because immortal.

William Penn, More Fruits of Solitude

What may be perceived as death is not death; what may be perceived as life is not life.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Hmmmmmph.. *Deep breath*

I open Quest & Lust to comments, again. Let us see how the experiment fares.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Give Them Triumph Now!

I'm in the mood for art, music, poetry. So here I go exploring poems that suit every moment of my days. Now, a poem that prefaces Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Today, I read it for Pakistan.

By Aeschylus

Oh, the torment bred in the race,
      the grinding scream of death
         and the stroke that hits the vein,
   the hemorrhage none can staunch, the grief,
the curse no man can bear.

But there is a cure in the house,
      and not outside it, no,
         not from others but from them,
   their bloody strife. We sing to you,
dark gods beneath the earth.

Now hear, you blissful powers underground—
   answer the call, send help.
Bless the children, give them triumph now.

Courtesy: Poem of the Day

The Inevitability of Your Choice


So, you see. Having the gift of prophecy does not mean we own the Universe.

Picture yourself the perforated-design covering of a very bright lamp. What you manage at best is the shape and size of the perforation, which happens to be dynamic, and delegated to your will. What you do not own and control is the Light of the Lamp.

Picture further that the perforations are covered in glass, and the glass is covered in dust and grime. Your task is to find your own beauty by clearing away the dust and grime - such that you do not scratch and damage the delicate glass of your Self in the process.

Prophecy, it doesn't matter what dist flies in the air around that Lamp. The Lamp lit up to banish the darkness. That is the project of the Lamp. You - you only design your own perforations, clean your own glass, feel the ache and the joy of the process, and realize that the Truth is deeper than this.

That, Prophecy, is the only choice you have. Meddling with the Source of Light, agonizing at the darkness around is an intellectual engagement of the creativity that was created to do what you can do, not what you cannot do - which is, to agonize your self. Here is your choice, limited as it seems, but a great, endless, never-ending task within itself. And herein lies your liberation, for you now know what your commitment is.

Your choice was always inevitable, what mattered was whether you perceived it or not.

To your Self, remind this:

The blind and the seeing are not equal,
nor are darkness and the light, nor the shade and the heat,
nor are the living and the dead equal.
God can make anyone Hu* pleases hear;
but you cannot make hear those who are in graves.
You are nothing but a warner.
35.19 - 35.23

* God's pronoun "He" is terribly misleading. So I have chosen to use Hu instead, following an interesting practice I found in a Turkish Sufi text. Hu, of course, is the name of Allah.

Wakeful They Lie

This poem is one of my favorites of all times. It has a strange effect when read aloud, but subtly and slowly. Doing so reveals a rhythm to the poem that is at once troubled and troubling... It has the rhythm of slow, anxious heart beats.
The poem just awakened in my memory today, so I blog this...
It's a bit disconcerting that the poet's surname is rather grave.

Counting the Beats

You, love, and I,
(He whispers) you and I,
And if no more than only you and I
What care you or I?
Counting the beats,
Counting the slow heart beats,
The bleeding to death of time in slow heart beats,
Wakeful they lie.
Cloudless day,
Night, and a cloudless day;
Yet the huge storm will burst upon their heads one day
From a bitter sky.
Where shall we be,
(She whispers) where shall we be,
When death strikes home, O where then shall we be
Who were you and I?
Not there but here,
(He whispers) only here,
As we are, here, together, now and here,
Always you and I.
Counting the beats,
Counting the slow heart beats,
The bleeding to death of time in slow heart beats,
Wakeful they lie.

By Robert Graves

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Bearable Lightness of Be-ing

Dear Providence,

Thanks, I had a good day today.

  • I woke up with a fresh heart today, feeling that I can forgive myself, and even the foulest of wrong-doers - of course, foul from my perspective. Tonight, before sleeping, I will perform my own forgiveness ritual, and not leave the Presence (consciously) until I have forgiven all who I had ill will or grudge against.
  • The morning brought me what I realized was sign #2 of 3 that I asked for in order to make a decision. My faith is shaky, so some wondering is inevitable, but I will work out a way to reconcile my intuition with the Truth, insha'Allah.
  • I worked with a friend-mentor to understand the role of expectations in destruction of relationships; and in contrast, learned about values and contribution.
  • We also talked about duties above rights. (Reminds me of De-serving? Or Serving?.)
  • We both discussed about youth mentoring, coaching, and talent/potential realization. We worked out tools and techniques and teachings. To be refined.
  • I then had an opportunity to learn by serving... I counseled two grown men along with their family: talented, but trapped in their minds. What drama can being sucked in the past can create was just shown to me in its acuteness. I discussed a cure for the spirit - an affirmation to released from the grip of Time. The more important task, however, was to create a positive action space. Most people go mental not because something is wrong with them, but because what's right for them isn't happening. There are many reasons for that, which I shall share later, insha'Allah. They got into a conversation, and felt both resistance and affirmation. I am not sure what the outcome will be, but it's a start; and an opportunity I am grateful for.

I shall sleep well tonight, insha'Allah. My heart is not heavy, only it pines for the Sought!

The Joy of Integrity

Ah, bliss!

There is lightness in integrity: which is a state in which we are living who we truly are, and aligned with the scheme of things. It happens by beginning to see things as they are; and then keeping oneself firmly flowing from moment to moment, living appropriately. Now I've highlighted that, because that's all there is to it!

I have to thank you, Prophecy, for having the courage to understand that your remedy is within you and your sickness is from you, and then taking appropriate actions. The path can be long and arduous if you set about to right all wrongs; and it can be instantaneous if you access the present moment completely and wholly - which is to say, be integrated.

Did you know the word integrity has its root in integer, which means, "a complete entity?"

Think of it this way: imagine your current moment as a photograph. What about a photograph in which the person being photographed isn't even there? Or they are looking behind? Or out of the photo? The best photographs have a comfortable subject involved in the situation. It can be a "happy," "sad," or "provocative" photo, but it is as it is, and such is the nature of integrity.

Integrity is not about happiness, but a deep sense of fulfillment is a result of integrity.

So even if you feel that you are unforgiving, thank you for knowing this. With knowledge will come light, and light banishes all darkness by the very nature of the two. Actually it is one, Light, and the mere absence of it.

  • Thank you for taking actions to eliminate from your life what you truly did not want or aspire for, no matter what the cost appeared to be.
  • Thank you for understanding that you are your first priority, and thus taking care of your very self.
  • Thank you for having the courage to say no.
  • Thank you for accepting that you are living your legend, and you have your own journey, and for prevailing on the path despite internal adversity.
  • Thank you for your kind to your self, for you acceptance of your flaws.
  • Thank you for you comfort in your self, for your acceptance of your gifts without being proud or occupied.
  • Thank you for letting go, and thus achieving reconciliation with the greater order of Being.
  • Thank you for en-joying.
  • Thank you for sharing joy, love, and knowledge with others. Perhaps I should not say this, for this is a product of integrity and not integrity itself, yet I wish to acknowledge what I can see, and wish that may Allah protect and nurture the results of our good deeds.

Our flaws are not to drive us insane, they are for us to gently acknowledge them... be un-pitying to them when they are controlling us, but be kind when we can do with kindness. In effect, it is all a form of kindness.

So, Prophecy, the life of integrity, and not any specific event or adventure is the true bliss of be-ing. What you have learned and what you have demonstrated now is also to set the course for the future. Use integrity within yourself and with your path as your guiding principle. Flow from moment to moment and remove the blocks of this flow by being honest without malice and bad intention.

The more you practice this, the easier, you will see, it will become. It is about taking off the dust off the lens of the torch that you are. There is light within you, which is also beyond your control (thank God!). What you control is only allowing yourself to shine.

The Heart of Light


I know that you haven't deeply forgiven. Forgiveness is to understand that the past is past, it's nothing more. Forgiveness is to be in the NOW, and to liberate yourself from the need of staying in time, waiting to even out the score which, first of all, is not yours to settle and second, is too complicated and inter-twined to be comprehended by one human.

The way of the jumble of Time is simple: NOW.

But if you need assistance accessing this moment deeply, know that prayer is a tool you have. Why worry? Why not, today, take time out to do what you have been considering unthinkable?

Pray for the forgiveness by Allah for those who are (to your perception) in debt to you. Each and every one, even the foulest of creations. And thus you will establish the way of the Creator. Then, have the courage to face the truths as of now: cherish what must be cherished, and eliminate that which must be.

You do it not for them, but for you, and for Allah. There are too many veils between Self and Being. You and Allah.

Your heart is a space; either it has light, or it has darkness. The darkness is annihilated when light shines.

Humans have each our individual patterns of resistance which are all aiming to achieve one thing: preventing light from entering the heart to banish the darkness. This darkness is not an entity in itself, it is a Shadow. Why we enamor this is just an entanglement of the mind, which is analytical - that is, it dwells on the Past. Mind can't do anything else, it is a machine designed to analyze, criticize, compile, parse, and make patterns of endlessness.

The remedy, though, is so simple, you might think it's fragile. The remedy is to allow your heart to experience light. Light will come, and it will overcome darkness.

Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth; a likeness of His light is as a niche in which is a lamp, the lamp is in a glass, (and) the glass is as it were a brightly shining star, lit from a blessed olive-tree, neither eastern nor western, the oil whereof almost gives light though fire touch it not-- light upon light-- Allah guides to His light whom He pleases, and Allah sets forth parables for men, and Allah is Cognizant of all things.
The Qur'an Ch024.V035

Be honest; be steady; be forgiving. It's all as simple as letting light into your heart; the answer is not in clawing at your chest in search of explanations of the Past. You did not create Time. You did not do that past. Have you seen a character in a novel contesting their role? Or forever ranting about what was written of them in previous pages? Or dwelling, by contrast, upon past glories?

We exist in a forever annihilating and subsisting moment.

Forgiveness, my dear, is the lightest of the things to do.


Monday, April 07, 2008


"Soul receives from soul that knowledge, therefore not by book nor from tongue. If knowledge of mysterious comes after emptiness of mind, that is illumination of heart."

Via: Hamza Jamali

Sunday, April 06, 2008

An Exercise in the Study of The Design


These days are giving you interesting chances. There is sometimes no power at night - which is such a blessing in an urban life! The chance to feel completely helpless and at the mercy of the forces that be - just like in the times when Humans were close to nature. Take this as a blessing. It is your chance to feel the heat your body passes to the Earth, the calm that the green grass provides to your feet, and the possibility to sit in the glittering serenity of the moonlight.

It is an excellent opportunity to observe the Universe, Prophecy!

Lie on the grass on a dark night.
Intend to study the design as it is.
Focus your attention on the sky above.
Watch the stillness of the constellations.
Watch the stars, the Moon, and any planet you may or may not see.
Feel the Stillness of Being.
Allow the feeling to enter you.
Now, the Mind does have a job to do, so use it as a servant: it tells you, that at the very moment of your observation, deep in the stillness that appears to you, great changes are happening. Nebulae are pregnant with stars, keeping massive energy formations within. Stars are breaking; planets are spinning; bodies are colliding and fires are erupting. Black holes are gobbling up their unsuspecting neighbors with intense negative energy. Suns are shining just like that, and Life on planets is basking in the glory of a benign energy. The Universe is pulsating... Off-on. Off-on. Off-on. It's in an ecstasy, energized through duality. Duality was created only to split the existence into a yin and a yang, and to create the dance.
The Universe is rendered anew every moment! As you watch the skies, do you realize how many entities just died or were born within the moments of your observation? It is not something that reason or intelligent knowledge can comprehend. It is something that you just know by way of Love, that energy that connects us all.

Now I tell you something you may not have thought of: The Universe is looking at you, too.
It watches how you, another creation, just lies idly on the grass. It is very close to you, too. It begins where your physical nose ends. Are you comfortable realizing you are nose-to-nose with the Universe? Ha ha! I know you enjoy nervousness. But I digress. The Universe watches you in awe, too. It wonders, because your words change its design, so it hangs upon your words... wondering what move you, its partner, will make in the dance that you two are engaged in? Will you figure out what move is makes, and will you follow? It keeps its ears on your heart beats, it contemplates you. When you are being, you are being sensed too. Enjoy this!

Get up. Use this contemplation whenever your mind begins to possess you.

The End of Possession

Prophecy, the temptation for you to remain your Older Self is great. Beware!

We are possessed by none other than our Own Selves. How we command ourselves! We desire, we fear, we crave, we want, we don't want, we attempt to avoid. It creates relationships in which we tie one end of the rope to our being, and hand over the other end to another - by our own will.

Thus begins this bizarre dance that we don't wish to dance, but know not how to take ourselves away from. The other, possessed by their own ego, enjoys pulling the ropes in whatever manner that takes their shifting fancy. Since this requires an unusual amount of mis-applied energy, it's up to the other to fall tired and drop the ropes, jerking the self to a stop in mid-bewilderment.

Most minds see liberation in simply shifting these ropes from one holder to an-other, and still anticipate liberation. When this does not happen, the self becomes furious at an-other other... Now you see even writing about this soap opera is tiring.

Prophecy, we cut the ropes at our own end, and even beyond, we learn the art of not creating ropes at all. Going even deeper, we are in a state where there is no question of a rope, for if there is, there is always an urge and its counter-resistance.

How do we reach that state?

I give you the secret, Prophecy, it's many-layered, so watch this closely and learn:

1. First, release your Self from your Self.
2. End your relationship with yourself. If you "love" yourself, there is the potential of the opposite in duality: the possibility of "hating" yourself. So will you one day love yourself, and another day be unforgiving? No; if you wish true liberation. At least with ourselves, we have the wonderful possibility to end relationships. Relationship take two. You are One.
3. Be one with you. Release your Self from your expectations and fears. You will immediately annihilate the ropes that others control you with.
4. And do this strange thing: release the Other from your Self. End all expectation, attachment, and fear! Forgive. Forget. And thus give yourself the chance to be rendered anew.

The Universe is destroyed and created afresh every moment. Only the Perceptive see this. When you die every moment, when you are released from the possession of your Older, Dead Self, then you are at liberty to watch the miracle.

I will next tell you an exercise...

Assume Silence


Who said your path is easy? You are chosen, or you choose. In the end, it is the same thing.

Ultimately, all decisions that were made were yours, and yet none of them are ever truly your own.
You are still in the world of duality, Prophecy, and the doing deeper than that will not be easy.

If it were, every fool would enjoy the path. It is not designed to be so.

You know the Art; and what you don't know consciously now, I shall reveal to you at the right time. Do neither ask me, nor press yourself to be adequate. None of it will work. Do no-thing, and you shall remain on the path.

You know your tools, and you understand the challenges of the Path.

For you, now, the challenge and its answer is this: Assume Silence.

Assume complete silence until the real design is revealed to you. Do not attempt to manipulate the Universe with your words or actions. The Universe takes its commands from none but its Creator; do not attempt to out-smart the design, or you will be shown the result of this utter foolishness.

Friday, April 04, 2008

When in Doubt...


When in doubt, do the laundry.


Dear Prophecy,

I need my space.
Meanwhile, be careful what you wish for.
Be not engaged by Ego.
And in-joy!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Part of the Way

Dear God:

I am the daughter of Adam & Eve - peace be upon them - who sought Your refuge from Your displeasure, and forever set the path of return to the Garden for their children. They were the first of Your messengers.

I am the daughter of Mohammad - peace be upon him - who lived with integrity. He is the last of Your messengers.

So far, I have only traveled part of the Way; in between the method of the first of them, to the method of the last of them.

My reclamation is not complete, but faith is to not know. It means, to be unsure... to have hope and to have fear. Which is only a reflection of the fact that we have learned to live with the fluidity, the originality, and the ecstasy of this existence.