Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Three Levels of Certainty

There are three progressive "Levels of Certainty:"
  1. Certain Information
  2. Certain Witnessing
  3. Certain Experience

What do these levels mean?
1. One has absolute information about something - its' academic
2. One sees it with their own eyes
3. One experiences it

Most people remain at the very first level. At that level, one can always read more, talk more, "learn" more. Education to most means learning more and more.

It eventually begins to wear us down, because what we haven't seen, and only read/ heard/ imagined about, begin to tax our ability to visualize it, to live it. And of course, what we have only seen, creates a longing in us to experience it. So too much intellectual knowing, and seeing, and not enough experiencing creates delusions and frustration.

The highest form of certainty is through one's own experience... or being the experience.

It's like there is a movie playing in a cinema. At the first level, tens of thousands of people hear about it. On the second level,1000's watch the movie. On the third level, there are only a few who have participated in the creation of the movie.

These levels are not equal.


I often have the best of my insights, or eloquent recollections of learning, emerge during conversations with people. Most often, the conversations are with fellow travelers on The Journey. What comes forth from consciousness during these conversations is often the best way of learning and teaching for me. I am now recalling and recollection parts of these conversations, with additions and subtractions for clear communication in the written form.

Friday, September 12, 2008


It is not usual of me to feel the kind of alarm and threat that I am sensing in the air right now.

Well, what is to happen is inevitable. What matters now is to keep yourself alert and aware, and move quickly.

What is happening?

Time is ending. You know that it's beneficial for humanity. We will be in the moment, driven by inevitability.

What will it mean?

That around you, Truth will reveal fast and pure.

Why do I have misgivings?

It's natural for you to be attuned with your surroundings. Follow your instincts. I can only tell you this: you are more prepared than you know. Do not worry about the events. Focus on your preparedness and agility. Move quickly.

Thank you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well, today is an unusually quiet day. The air is warm and still, the birds are chirping, yes, but other sounds are still. Something is not quite right. I have found my mind talking and slipping back & forth again. Perhaps, it is the mind? I am not in a place where I can afford the waste of the mind activating.
My space is now in silence. So. Let's see!
But I want to share! So here it goes: I am delighted that the work that I am doing for youth is getting support. Just as miraculously as it had to be. Allah bless the kind souls who come forth and join hands!... Kind souls have certainly sprung up to support my spontaneously. So I thank God!
And now I must thank God for something that is quite annoying me: Anger! Jealousy! I swear - I never really thought I'd feel these feelings. I've often been told I have a "good skin." But of course. I wash my face with water all the time, but above all, I keep my heart clean of grudge and mean thoughts!

But right now - oh my God! I am so plain jealous.

Yaar listen, one has to live the truth, eh? You say, "honor your feelings." Now you know you're angry and jealous. Superb! Honor your feelings. (LOL!) I mean sorry I laugh at your misery. But what does it mean?

It all means that you are being asked to clear your heart out completely. These feelings are like the mice scurrying about in a dark room suddenly lit up. So in a way it's not the mice that's the issue at all. Know that they are exposed, and delight in that.

But let this not be a philosophy or a mere insight. You know what to do. Give yourself 30 minutes of quiet solitude. Ask yourself, what exactly do you want? You know you will get whatever you want. Don't play with your intent. Be ready for it to manifest, darling girl.

Do this, and the mice will vanish.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Dear Prophecy,
I have decided to end my journey.


The Truth of the Matter

There is a unity that is not unity. There is a separation that is not separation.


I am.

My advice?
The truth, of course, always the truth! As it is - without the pushing and pulling of fear or desire! Enfolded within every form, my friend, is the destiny of that form. If you suppress it, it will be.... suppressed, for a while. But it does not annihilate. It is there, waiting to be unfurled at another moment. And it will. That is the destiny of Truth.
Prophecy, in the depths of my heart, I have always wanted to be in a position of grace from where I do no meddling with the world. As a child, I actually enjoyed living this way of life - so I am fortunate. I remember.

Yet all these labels, all these descriptions of fortune and misfortune - all these are so divisive of Being - rather, perception of Being, for Being is not concerned with division.

I am who I am, Prophecy. I am.

You see what is happening to the world? The Truth is unfolding, which only bewilders the clueless and the clingy - please do not partake in this crowd, interesting as it might be. The Truth is setting itself free. Step out of the way. Or rather, stay where you are, and do not get in the way.

Have you not found peace and serenity where you are? Soon you shall see what you shall see.


Signs of Life


It's astounding! Two days ago, I desperately wished to die. Immediately. Yesterday, I was alive & working. Today, I was bouncing. And right now, I want to cry!

You realize what this means? Yes, you, see with your eyes eternally set to see the good in everything!

Ah, yes, exactly!

It means that I am ALIVE! Absolutely child-likely! How long since I felt change so rapidly! Must be late teens? Slipping in to the whole adulthood/ academic-corporate lifestyle had sucked my ability to feel and to be quirky. I am back to being the child whose most dreadful nightmare was washed away the moment a chocolate was produced from a pocket.

You know when I was a little kid, I had a little ritual. I did not, as other children trained by their moms were, into family matter machinations. And we lived in one big "joint family." I did not respond to hurt or praise. I had no concern with other people's business or prattle. I was very secure in the knowledge that I was created to outgrow all this. And I learned what I was taught - which was graceful and fun and aplenty - quietly and diligently.

But I kept a record of general unfairness. I did not like how sometimes some people stepped over their lines, with me or whoever or simply in their behavior. So here was my way to deal with what I did not like: quietly walking into the open courtyard whenever I had had enough of world-watching, every week or so, AND LETTING OUT A MOTHER OF A SCREAM! AAAAAAAAAAAAA! Coming from an otherwise poised child buried behind her books, this was a shock for my uncles who were demanded an explanation by my grandmother promptly. They presented their clarifications while glaring while pretending, "No! Who, me? No no I didn't stare down at her!" while clarifying. Oh well! Those were the days!

My youngest and smartest-with-kids uncle came up with an idea. He decided to buy my soul. We formed an agreement whereby every Tuesday, I'd get a bar of this new chocolate with flavored gel in it if I please did not keep up my ritual. I think we agreed on some form of a more organized screaming, followed by a debrief by my uncle. He usually waited around my venting circus with some object that he could scientifically explain to me. Science distracted me, as chocolate bought my political soul.


Sunday, September 07, 2008



I don't know who to tell this to, but I just want to die. I just don't
want my patience to climb up another wall. I must die! I must die!

Everything has an answer. So does this. There is only one thing to do:
Say, "I rescind this burdensome contract. NOW!" Say this now. Say this
"I rescind this burdensome contract. NOW!"
Burn all contacts. There is no master but the Master. I am that. In my
presence, there is no contract!
Re-write the code. Now. Get up, now. Now!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Life Lesson: Honor Your Feelings

The world outside is infinite, if we were to take account of its permutations and combinations. Then there are events related to us that are never taking place in front of our eyes. Then, there are truths, half-truths, and lies.

How does one see the reality?

Perhaps, with vision and hearing, reality will sometimes never be perceived in totality.

But there is another way, a much close-at-hand and honest way, in which we know everything in the world. It is through inspecting one's own heart. It is knowing one's own feeling.

I can now imagine the world very clearly as a beam of light projecting out of the heart. Like heart, like the image projected. But while mastering the projected image is worth an entire journey, when we need to know what's going on, we don't need to examine the entire projected image at the screen outside.... we can only examine that narrow source. It's simply our feeling. From the heart.

What's happening out there in the big, vast world can easily be known at this source because feeling is the metric of what we have projected out. WE KNOW. Whatever.

I think most people don't let their feelings flow. At its core, it's NOT bad to feel even things like anger, jealousy, fear, greed, anxiety. Let them be, what are they doing? The trouble is what are we doing. Of course, there are feelings that we feel; and thoughts that we create. The first is inwards, the other is outwards. Thoughts are another subject in themselves, but feelings never lie.

Are you feeling down? Suspicious? Happy for no reason? Mischievous? Hungry? Full? That's fine. There is no "reason" - actually there is, but can you actually sit down and take a blood test each time you feel hunger and decide exactly what food the chemical balancing would require? Reason is too much calculation, and the world is too vast for us to hold all information together in our mind. At any rate, the information is dynamic; so what you're calculating is changing as you calculate it anyway, perhaps because you're calculating! (Enough to make a soup of one's head already, isn't all this? No wonder we are automatically positioned to be trumped when we think too much.)

Honoring one's feeling, though, is understandably a matter of (re-)training one's self to honor our feelings. The keyword is OUR. OWN.

If I and you feel, "But I can't feel truly what I ought to feel!" or "I am not in touch with my feelings!" then that's the Honest Feeling of the Moment! The feeling is not something we order (to begin with). We can't ask our feeling, "How long shall I run on the track today?" when the feeling says, "I'm feverish." The truth of the moment is NO RUNNING - forget 3 or 5 miles, and that is it! Honoring this feeling, at this moment, leads us to possibility ahead. Rest today, run longer tomorrow. Crack today, give up tomorrow.

I believe, eventually, by honoring one's feelings consistently, the invisible truth also becomes clear. Sometimes the projection outside is out-of-focus. And cleaning our feeling, and focusing it eventually brings the whole picture into focus.

The truth may not reveal if we keep up a tradition of over-ruling our feelings with our "ought, should, must, what if?" thinking - if we derive our sense of self from not who we truly are (and we always ARE)... but who we desire or fear to become.

Shed these, and the feeling that is always there becomes clear.

No it's not a disease, it's not going to go away when we grow up. It is a constant friend and a mentor, and not a sign of weakness.



Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Let it not deceive you that those who are bent on denying the truth seem to be able to do as they please on Earth.

-Quran (3:196)


Monday, September 01, 2008

Let God Be

I want to remind you of a truth that you knew:

That to ask oneself, "What if?" is not only futile, it's destructive. There is no "What if?" There is nothing that you could do better, worse, more, less, happier, sadder that what you did! All Existence exists as is! At once! Anyone who looked at a satellite map of the world should be able to envision this. It's not an airy spiritualism. It's the truth as it is!

Everything exists at once! You are in Eternity! You are connected to it! You are within it!

Now, please know, should you insist upon knowing: NO YOU COULD NOT HAVE DONE ANYTHING DIFFERENT IN THE PAST! What kind of a futile imagining it is? How could you be anyone other than who you were? Whether you make your decisions blindly, lovingly, foolishly, gallantly, happily, absentmindedly, under influence or threat - the thing is that you made them in a position where you were who you were at that time.

You live with yourself. That is the key for you to understand. You live with yourself. There is no heaven or hell out there, it is in your heart. What does that mean? Consider this statement not as though you're still thinking of a place, and now that is a little microscopic Disneyland in your heart. The truth is that it's not a Disneyland at all! It is your heart!

A heart at peace is Heaven, a heart at constant disagreement is Hell.

But I must tell you the larger Truth: which is that whoever concerned themselves with Heaven or Hell will always find themselves in these places. The master of their Self does not even bother. Do you understand?

Here is the key to the Truth: DO NOTHING. Which means, do not go on creating new circumstances. When circumstances arise of Divine Will, respond with a graceful Human Will.

Can I tell you an even larger Truth? Forget about what I just told you! Remember Me! Remember who you are!

Resist nothing, and you will see what is to be seen. Wish for nothing, and the Divine Wish, of which your soul is aware, will fulfill. Let God be.


My dear friend:
Who can show the truth to one who does not want to see? The truth, my friend, is not in wishes or desires. Nor is it in fear. Truth just is.
Just be.


God's Temple

Q: But Allah, I didn't intend to hurt anyone's heart!
A: True, but what about your own? It is your own heart's happiness that is the metric.
Your heart is God's temple. Do not entrust it to anyone, nor let anyone trample it. There is no selfishness in this. It is surrendering to what is.