Monday, December 12, 2005

The Four Agreements

Before I forget to note them, here are the four agreements that Toltec wisdom taught the humankind to make:

The First Agreement: Be impeccable with your word.
The Second Agreement: Don’t take anything personally.
The Third Agreement: Don’t make assumptions.
The Fourth Agreement: Always do your best.

From the book The Four Agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz. Anybody read it? I want a copy tonight!


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  2. I Really like this. . .too bad something ppl wont follow.

  3. i disagree with the third agreement .. one makes assumptions all the time. You tell me something and I will assume it to be true .. if someone says something I will assume that he didn't mean anything personal .. i mean it's easy said than done .. well it can't be done.

    Once the traffic light turns red .. you assume that the cars are going to stop .. FAITH is also assumption

  4. Blackempress:
    Well. Good things are for those who follow. The rest will get in line.

    I can't put my finger on it, but perhaps we are talking of a specific kind of assumption here in this wisdom.

    To me, the assumption that this talks about is the one where we don't get facts that we can reasonably get, or when we make unrealistic expectations. Just to give you a common example, its happened to me that I am carrying a gift for one person and another gift for another, and person A assumes both the gifts are for them - putting me in an awkward position because they said, "Oh wow, why did you get me two gifts!?" before I could even open my mouth. A very subtle point, but this is an everyday example.

    Assuming what anyone is saying to us is true is perhaps a very dangerous kind of assumption and would fall directly under the scope of this wisdom.

    Then there is the scientific assumption. Which is otherwise known as a hypothesis. Fair enough.

    We get the idea.

    I strongly agree with this wisdom - yet it's true that it's hard to begin with. BTW I have tested this recently. No good or bad assumptions. It works. At least it saves a great deal of anxiety.