Sunday, May 28, 2006

The God of Mad People

Tonight, I met a mad woman. Then I met a mad young woman. Both were in love with their lives. The matured lady was happy, laughing, and telling me about life. I quickly told her about my life in theater and how theater is an amazing analogy that humankind has created to understand life.

The younger one hadn’t yet figured it out. She was fumbling, telling me about her experiments. She is playing around with anorexia to understand what goes through the minds of anorexic persons – I watched with interest as she gulped down greasy food after what she said was a week of extensive hunger. She told me about her life and aspirations and what she had given up in order to just live her dreams. She wants to be a child psychologist and left med school half way through.

It was a great night. To have met two mad persons!

I love mad people. When they shake up reality, I am able to catch a rare glimpse of God behind it all.