Sunday, May 27, 2007

Paper Journal + Tagging

Dear dear - I have started keeping a journal, in the offline world. My mind is thinking at a tremendous speed and I want to log the thoughts, the feelings, the events.

But I would not have been encouraged enough were it not at the advice of a mentor - a friend of Allah. I dilly-dallied for a few days, making mental notes - and kept thinking, oh well, I'll start when I buy a journal.

Then I looked at my bedside table, where a brand new, very cool handy little journal was lying. Farheen gifted it to me, and I was saving it up for my upcoming trek notes. I thought, "Dear girl, things are shrewdly placed in your life before you need them. You should have the vision to see. And when in genuine need, use a resource when its need arises - leave tomorrow to Allah Who always fed and clothed you from sources you had not anticipated!"

That journal was clearly placed in my life to be used immediately when I got the advice.

I have transferred my mental notes there. Thank you, dear memory! I shouldn't have taxed you so!

The journal is a recycled paper or something-like-that eco-friendly wood-pulpy journal with brown paper and a fish drawn on the cover. It's from Bintan Island. It has just the perfect feel for my taste!

Note: Journaling recommended to anyone. The key that I used for making notes in non-fiction reading can also be used to categorize entries/ sub-entries in the journal. I label the various paras with "Info," "Understanding," etc.

Hmm... come to think of it, I will design special tags for the journal. It's a tag, tag, tag, tag world!

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