Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Quest for Beauty resumes. A Lust for Life is back!

A Quest for Beauty; A Lust for Life! has resumed after the Blogger service temporarily suspended the URL last week, to review whether it's a human or an automated blog. Automated blogs are primarily used for spamming, and it's a nuisance that's been affecting several hosting service due to high spamming activity load that clogs servers.

I had a few sad days having lost two of my blogs at a critical time, when I had much to publish. The other one has been taken over by a real splogger (spamming blogger) and apart from applying to Blogger to get the blog back, I have negotiated with the suspect splogger to let go. Let's see whether I get the blog back by carrot or by stick.

Meanwhile, help to other Blogger/Blog*Spot users:

1. Keep reaching out to Blogger Support.
2. Use The Blogger Help Google Group.
3. If you want to recover old posts, log in to Google Reader, and type in your address, followed by /atom.xml - i.e. the feed URL. (For example: Reader will find you old posts, which you can save up on computer. I don't know an easier method of doing this. It would be great if we could "pick" the feed at another blog, and re-publish there for business continuity.
4. Oh, BTW, immediately log in to your Blogger dashboard, and apply for restoration, and WAIT.
5. Meanwhile, create a new blog with the same address as your old blog's. Enough said on this! Post nothing there, but keep it claimed. Blogger will restore you back to your blog in good time.

I hope this helps!

Back to business, starting off with the backdated review of Life on Purpose, a cool book.

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