Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stayin' Alive!

I don't care if I myself thought it sacrilegious a mere few weeks ago, but George Sampson helped me rid myself of my religion. I am dancing - and it's all for God! 



  1. Dancing is good for body and soul. Personally I am a music freak, record collector and a bedroom-dj. Yes. Music and dancing can be a healing experience.

    I remember when I first went to a dubstep party. There was just a simple room with a good sound system. I just feld the bass physicly and danced - just like everyone around me. I felt the athmosphere created by people coming together to feel the music.

    I just danced all my sorrows away. It was an experience to remember, when I felt I was just a part of the music, or even a part of the universe - just like everyone around me. Music can create wonders in this world - or at least in my little world.

  2. Tantor,

    Your story has just opened up my heart so wide. There are certain subjects that had just not found space on my blog so far. Music is one of them. And then there is more.

    All of a sudden, as I am listening to uplifting music from Elijah Streams (upon a friend's recommendation) I suddenly feel that it's time this blog embraces a larger world, a more diverse people. Somehow your comment has inspired this too.

    Well, to be precise because I have never seen such a comment here before!

    Thank you for your presence.