Monday, March 09, 2009

The Deception of Phenomena

Dear Self:

Do not let phenomenon lie to you. Do not let good or bad actions deceive you.

The true measure of a human's quality is their character.

If character is well, all is well. Whatever they did, wherever they wandered -- all that brought them to where blessing is: in upright character.

If the character is ill, whatever that has preceded in their life has been in vain.

And those who show illness of character -- leave them. Leave them all no matter their numbers and ranks. Leave them without fear, regret, or remorse.

Now what does 'leave' mean?

It means:

- stay away from

- detach from

- do not take the burden of

- let be

- part company from or association with
- etc.

Some people we can physically or transactionally 'leave', some people we leave in the sense of giving up on them. Letting them be to their devices.

Why do I warn you? Because character elicits character in humans. Who you are with, makes you.

Be made well, because you shall in turn make another.

Watch your heart; watch all signs of illness in it closely. Where does it come from? Inquire upon yourself.

No! It is never old-fashioned or foolish to practice this. This is the only thing of worth you can achieve in life by your own work. Aspire to it.

Honor yourself, your heart, your space. Honor another, their heart, their space. Honor yourself, your heart, your space.

This is how it is.

Sleep well. ~


  1. The concept of honor is corrupted, especially in social contexts. Loosing "honor" can drive people into extreme and desperate actions such as suicides, honor killings and alcoholism. The last one is common in Finland.

    I'd rather talk about integrity than honor. In my opinion honor is more culturally biased than integrity.

    I read an interesting article about integrity some months ago. I guess I'll read it again and write some thoughts about integrity.

  2. Oops. I posted the comment to wrong place. I'm sorry for that.

  3. those were great words of wisdom.