Wednesday, April 08, 2009

You, Alone

As it is, no matter the human friends one may have, there is one chamber of the heart that always remains vacant. Nothing fills it, it is meant to be vacant. 

It is to that chamber that I retire when the goings on outside get aplenty to pay attention to. It is a chamber of such intense aloneness, in terms of what we are used to, that it can unhinge one for an initial while. 

No more does it unhinge me. I have always known how to retire to this place.... to be alone in the presence of who I truly am

The world? It can keep spinning. The people? They can keep changing and searching for permanence. 

There is no permanence. Not where they are looking. 

The impermanence silently guides to where there is permanence. Must know the meaning of impermanence! The gregariousness of being points to that chamber that houses no-thing. Stand still within the crowds, and you will being to see. 

~~ Oh, I just want to retire. To meet You in that space where You come to reside, no matter what my choices or the lack of them. There is a space in my heart where only You live, inevitably. 

You, and You alone. 

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