Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Disbelievers [a poem]

"Nay, nay, nay!"

What is the anthem of the disbeliever, 
the distruster of his own ear and eye, 
but Nothing!?

Nothing is what he gained 
at the end of his enterprise
which spanned, alas!, nothing-at-all!

There is nothing to be added to his repertoire,
nothing to be gained from his wisdom
(but the inverse of it).

Beware! For you may lose something of everything -- 
you may lose its essence, its loveliness -- 
through the constant chiseling of its somethingness, its tangibility, 
by the disbeliever's blunt blindness. 
His aversion to the experience of what-is.

In the company of disbelievers, gold is dust.
Diamonds are stone. 
They negate and thus, are not themselves.
They don't see, and thus, you shall not be seen. 

Because you are meant to be known, believe and be believed. 


At the writing desk
1:12 am

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