Saturday, May 29, 2010

Life vs. My Smarter Ideas

Woke up this morning and had an instant, clear realization: clever, smart ideas can become the inverse of Life.

'What do you mean!?', you ask. 

Very well. Life comes to one, in-flowing, every moment. Our choices are at our end: how seamlessly and fluently can we accept what comes our way and act appropriately upon it? The more fluidly we do it, the more we walk far and deep into this vastness called LIFE. 

Ever played a video game? This is exactly what I am talking about. It throws a reward at you, and you accept it. It throws a challenge at you, and you accept that, too. The only difference is that the appropriate thing to do (enjoy/ fight) is different in each case. But you don't resist the very act that something has come your way. Neither do you develop a smarter idea on the lines of, "OK, I got to eat a banana. How about I got an apple instead? What else can I find? Oh, not this banana, ya know!" (I am visualizing, of course, a childish video game in which you're a  monkey or some such furry thing. Indeed, a real-life monkey would not go on if it decided to have better ideas about food.)

Sometimes I am with the flow. In such moment, inspiration flashes within me, and I follow it without regards for ensuring perpetuity or security. 

This morning, I realized, heck! Sometimes I tend to get back to resistance. To better ideas. To try and be smarter. I stall projects with this attitude. I take longer to do a simple thing. And I give not days but years of my life away. 


What else could I do? I raised my hands in prayer and wished: May I surrender! May I go with the flow! Amen! Amen!



  1. One thumbs-up!


  2. Hi, The Prophecy,

    Here's a paradox; going back to the flow is also a smarter idea.

    I'm confused @-)

  3. Hello, Rizal!

    Flow happens. It's like being a fish in a stream, you don't have to try. It's the default setting. (There has to be some kind of setting, for after all there *is* a way to the world.)

    However 'trying to get back to the flow' is just another mental concept. You can be *aware* that you're in the flow or not, but dragging yourself around is being out of the flow.

    Bottom-line: this is about PRACTICE. Practice will reveal to you the inherent principles of life/ world. In words/ concepts/ talk, one can say anything even as impossible as: there's an elephant driving a car on my shoulders.

    Practice is the master teacher. :)