Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bring the paparazzi on!

This I HAVE to blog. I have been approached to play Lady Diana for a TV program. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. The blessing of short hair, a poised neck that verges on to appearing arrogant, and That! Accent!

That! Accent! (Thud and thud.)

Poor, poor Lady Di. Well, as an aside: I see it's time that I succumb to popular demand and put my picture on this blog or at least remove this blurred dinner time beauty that I thought qualified for a masterpiece. But then if I can qualify to look alike Lady Di...!

P.S. Hmmm. Off goes the dinner time blurred beauty. I put this rather lovely picture on for a while, which would assure the reader that I am asked to play Lady Di(e) for a reason. However, me as a mime is perhaps the best current representation of me. Not too bad either. I am Gori! Stare, stare o desperate nation!

UPDATE: A fish needs a bicycle. A Lust for Life needs your feedback. Yes, move. Move!


  1. That has got to be the most ridiculous picture I have seen in a l-o-n-g time! Hehe. Good. :-)

    Too bad there isn't any middle ground between the medieval play-masks of comedy and tragedy (mask for sillyness), else you would have been accorded a place o'er the fireplace for this one for sure!

    This will keep me smiling for a few hours. Good one. :-)


  2. I am beginning to see more in the photo than I originally intended. Oh, bother!


  3. Actually it's your expression that looks quite comical, not the face paint! :-)