Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Azure new looks!

Muahahahaha! Today is a lovely day, and I have changed the looks of Quest & Lust!

I love the azureness and the floweriness. With a heat stroke to beat, and positivity to seek, I expect the new look to make me want to look at the blog and feel afresh! And write while I seek, like thousands of others, that ideal desktop blog publishing widget that means you never have to face a dashboard again. At least not twice a day!

(Interesting how blogs are becoming extensions of our personalities. I am observing how seriously people think their blogs "make them, them.")


  1. hey jee! cool colors (literally as well!)

    ur right on one point.. blogs *are* becoming an extension to our own lives.. just the topics of the posts you write tell a lot of what/how u were feeling baq then

  2. I like the change...its fresh!