Sunday, June 25, 2006

How do you define power?

Speaking of power, I may have shared this here earlier too... a definition of power given by my dear friend and advisor Rosen:

Power is when you have something that someone else wants from you, but cannot take unless you give.

As someone obsessed with the subject of power and power vs. strength at one time - I feel this is the best definition I have ever experienced. Every other thing that people is usually a list of things that can come and go, and over which we often have a surprising lack of real power.

Over time, I have shared this definition with many people. I have never yet heard a better one, though many just like to refute the definition. Why? I don't know. Sometimes refuting things is the only way we can get a sense of purpose. I am glad I didn't refute Rosen's idea when he proposed it. But this evening, during walk, I was thinking of what an obstinate young persistent I myself have been at times!

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