Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Should we give to the beggars?

Someone told me this formula:

There are three types of "people who ask/ who need:"

1. Bhikari/ The Begger: the types who'd throw you any line their professional knowledge knows will affect you. They will say things like, "Give 5 rupees/ money for food. God will give you ______." They are selling God, marriages, pilgrimage, happiness, etc. Do not buy God from them. Deny them flatly. If you still have a tender heart, know that these liars are earning thousands of rupees per day and are richer than you. In any case, why don't they just pack up after collecting, say, 100 rupees and go get the food/medicine they were in such dire need of?

2. Sayil/ The Needy: They may be rich or poor - but these are people who need our charity: monetary, or in kind. They need our time, attention, help, assistance, kindness. They may need to recover from accidents, or may be ill friends who need our time and love. Give them, in fact, we are commanded to give to them FROM OUR SALARIES. Those who wish may read parts of Sura-e-Baqr etc. to know that The Needy have a due part in ALL INCOME we earn, and that's after Zakat has been given.

3. The Fakir/ The Fulfilled: People who are beyond need. Whether they are given or not, it matters not to them. However, it is good for the society to be conscious of their needs. They must not be refused when they ask.

When ever we give, it is our duty to be aware of where the money is going to. My personal recommendation is to the LISTEN TO THE HEART which tells us exactly what to do. And to give INSTITUTIONAL CHARITY. Let's build institutions, not permanently needy individuals.

My response to the "Allah ke naam per..." thread on Karachi Metroblog

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