Sunday, October 01, 2006

End of Maybelink. Welcome Warid.

This one is personal, and I am going to have to serve this below the belt:

What an entirely pathetic and unresponsive company Mobilink is! Since July, I have been approaching this company to help me block unwanted anonymous callers. But, no. Private investigation reveals that Mobilink account holders who are involved in harassment and otherwise the misuse of the service have fake account information - and contacts within the company.

I once managed to get a number blocked, which was promptly re-opened the next day. The company's response is non-sense and basically means I waste more of my time telling them what happened, what happened, what happened.

It takes a lot for a person like me to disbelieve in something good - and for now, I neither believe that our system serves ANY justice to a citizen, nor do I believe that corporations like Mobilink are interested in the welfare of their customers at all.

They have the nerve to ignore the request for help by a female customer, and bring out a "Ladies [Fooled] First" package! I don't believe they put ladies first, or last!


  1. Long Live Warid!!!

    maybelink is DEAD!! especially with the service they're giving nowadays :S

  2. seems liek is should join the club
    bid bye to mobilink nd join warid:-)

  3. Unaiza, looking at it another way, I feel like I am out of prison... and into the club!

    Mansoor, ooooh, I am still in a rather unforgivign mood. Got quite a mind to run an anti-Maybe campaign. They're lucky I'm busy. :)

  4. While I've never used mobilink it has still not failed to give me grief!

    My texts hardly ever deliver to mobilink numbers:(

    And as for our loyal anonymous callers...they keep cropping up. Luckily ufone takes good care of them. Ive never had to complain a second time about a number.

  5. Extiinct: really? Calls to or from Ufone numbers?... I have heard good reviews about the Warid service too, but nothing particular about the anon call cases.

    I was getting calls from Maybelink to my Maybelink number; I wrote many times to Maybelink, and complained on the 111 helpline if ever it got through - and their response is: "please fax/ mail us the details." And it's a person on the other end, not even a robot.

    Given the multiple Maybelink/Mobilink SIMs that person uses, with similar numbers, I am certain it is company employees who are involved in this. No wonder Mobilink shows no action.

    Actually a many people are switching over from maybelink these days - I get a "I'm fed up with Maybelink and switching to ______" msg from a friend every three days.

  6. My first mobile number in Pak was Maybelink. It didn't last long (service and cost being two of the main reasons for dropping it). Since then, I've had Ufone, Paktel, Warid and again Ufone, but no Maybelink.

    That reminds me, I should reactivate my Warid. The service was excellent at the start, it deteriorated and then got a little better. I think it's pretty decent now.

  7. Thank you for you comment on my blog.

    I changed to Warid after getting fed up with accounts deptt, customer service and no contact of mobilink.