Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Name is Red: novel for the Renaissance Soul - 1

My nomination for the Wednesday blogwordoftheday # 19: Red.

Wow. God is always listening, and answering. Today Hu answered with " My Name is Red."

Yesterday, I met the representative of an artist and had a long, drifting talk about an idea. Today, I talked to Tazeen and asked her to try understand "the idea." All this month, I have spoken with quite a few persons about the idea... and none have really understood my idea of Islamic-human Arte-Scienza, though they did a good job of nodding along.

I call it Islamic-human Arte-Scienza because this "thing" has no popular name.

But first, the context of this out-of-the-blue post: I am creating a __________. I don't know what to call it either? A gallery? A museum? A collection? An experimental studio laboratory?

For very easy reference, and to escape the indifferent scrutiny of the common mind, I call it a gallery. An art gallery. Yet I just realized that we start believing in what we say, and I have much more to say and believe in and do than create an art gallery. So it's not an art gallery. Not just that.

I have decided that the time has come in my life where I start living out my knowledge. After all, wise men such as Hazrat Ali (blessings be upon him) say that knowledge without action consumes a person. What is the point of knowledge, truly, if we don't use it or pass it on - through demonstration?

Next: The Renaissance Soul...

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