Thursday, November 02, 2006

Excuse me sir, but you're naked.

Honestly. We need more child-like people. Who can tell the emperor that he's wearing no clothes. Who can tell the truth like it is. Whose minds are not goaded by media and peer-pressure.

What's up with the youth of this country Pakistan? What on earth happened to the eye-opening, paradigm-shifting, life-changing moment that was October 8th the previous? What did we learn? What have we forgotten?

Is there anyone out there whose not given their mind on rent!?



1 comment:

  1. It was a bubble, Oct 8th.
    The emotional youth, worked hard, dated in the parks of PAF Museum and did a lot of good deeds.
    But then, as we say "time heals" the enthusiasm went away.
    Now, we have closed our eyes and our minds are too numb to even think of those people who, while we enjoying the cup of coffee in"Karachi's winter" will be shivering without a roof on top or a blanket over them.
    The dillema of my country "too emotional people, with volatile enthusiasm"