Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sitting on a flame

All right. They say when you have written a particularly angry email (Flame), sit on it. Sleep on it. Mull over it.


Just write it, and erase/delete it. Re-write it, and mull again. Just don't send it as soon as you write it, for you will surely regret it.

So, I am sitting on what doesn't exactly qualify as a flame, but burns just as much. Actually, I slept on it (not too well) but it was no bed of roses. Have to "give it" to someone for whom I sincerely made several undue provisions - and they kept pushing as if just to check where will I break? I didn't, and as if often happens in the case of such sad persons, they did - and it was rather awful. I have received a particularly ingrateful message from a person who was almost cracking with guilt. (Darn, I've seen it before. In real life, and in the movie Shattered Glass.) - ((Oh by the way you've all GOT to see Shattered Glass if you want a crash course in identifying guilt-ridden psychos who blame you and the world for all their issues and actions!))

Specifics of the story will, of course, be withheld. However, the general public is advised that it's best to unload one's "opinion" as soon as they have it and NOT sympathize with someone who's banking on our tender nature. Now that I have written the long, fact-filled email in response to a very rude missive sent to me by the person-in-question, I am wonder where my opinion has been all this while?

It was, of course, shrouded in misguided sympathy. I am considering this a seminar in real-life learning about how not to mix sympathy and work - and tell people exactly what you think about them.

Time to hit SEND! Oh, I feel good!

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