Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Untold [a poem]

The Untold

There are conversations 
that cannot be had 
the way we have
ordinary conversation: 
by turning to face someone 
and uttering a few words.

There are conversations 
that are made 
by catching the eyes of another 
and beholding them with our eyes. 
Letting the windows of one soul 
open into those of another.

There are conversations 
that are finer and subtler 
that those made by ways of seeing. 
These are conversations
of feelings that move whichever way they choose 
in the chambers of our hearts. 

There is, though, a conversation 
that is finer and subtler than these all. 
It is the conversation that is not. 
It cannot be had with any other 
or even our Self. 
It is just what it is. 

It is a conversation that we are having 
whichever way we turn or not
wherever side we look or not 
whether we are awake or not 
whether we know we are
having this conversation, or not.

It is the conversation of which 
we are the alphabet. 
It takes place with us 
and despite us. 
Within us and
without us. 

December 29, 2008
by: RA
aka The Prophecy 

This rather rambling and perhaps yet unfinished poem was written two months ago. I began composing about one thing, and ended up with this. Well! 

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