Sunday, January 29, 2006

43 things people want

As of press time, 211,829 people wanted these things in life. Going through the personal wish lists of over 0.2 million people from 43 Things is a realization. People want to experience, and generally do very simple things. Things like going on a road trip with no predetermined destination (3248 people), learning to cook (1678), or growing their own vegetables (around 500 people).

1600 people want to be alive, not just live by. 4468 people want to – ah, that permanent dream of us all! – fall in love! (Fools!)

People want to experience beauty. People want to be better humans. Someone I read somewhere said that being better was the ultimate human temptation – the one the Devil tempted Adam and Eve with. Eat the fruit, reach a higher station.

Seeing these curious wish lists makes me wonder, why is our modern life undersigned to help us do the things we most want to do?

By the way, a very interesting wish is by some grief-stricken Harry Potter readers. Spoiler warning: Don’t read if you haven’t read the sixth book.  

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