Monday, January 23, 2006

And all is life!

It is strange how our life has been designed to give us an optimal experience of being. The past few years of my life, I thought, broke me as a person. Yet a Sagittarian is a quintessential optimist. And I have an unflinching eye for profit. Surely, there must be some good in breaking down and falling apart, too?

The quickest and the most logical good that I saw in the break-down of personality was the wonderful possibility of reconstruction. With a good deal of willpower and of course, the Sagittarian optimism, the new construct could be much more to my liking. It could be a construct I chose. And how many do get that kind of an opportunity!

So. Rest in peace Who I Was. Here I Am. New.

Like quanta of light, there are quanta of life moments. If in one moment the light is in the ebb of its wave, in another moment life flows. Morning comes from night, and life from death. In this moment, and as of now, I am alive.

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