Monday, January 23, 2006

Filmazia and the highly sensitive viewer

Who on earth thought of the certainly profitable but annoyingly noisy channel FILMAZIA? I must say that in my childhood days, I did not realize how much was President Zia ul Haq editing out of those full-bodied Pakistani movies. Now, thanks to the nostalgic moods of all the family elders, whenever the insanely outrageous and bizarre old Pakistani movies play on the channel, I want to dive under the TV lounge table and cover my eyes.

Oh! How, how, how do I preserve my aesthetic sense from the encroachment of thosely ghastly sights and sounds?

And why, why, why do I have this eerie fascination with the ridiculous tune of zero-nine-zero-zero-seven-eight-six-zero-one!? Except that it’s the tune of the good ole KoKoKo Reena… one that sometimes plays on the annoying musical FILMAZIA….

Ooh my senses!

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