Thursday, March 15, 2007

Restoring my E-Chi - Part 1: Splitting of an Electronic Soul

Today, I decided I had had enough of an overly busy "virtual life." The tools that we created to simplify our lives have actually complicated it badly. So after a conversation with my pal Jaguar who reminded that I spend too much time "helping" people, and that he, too, is cutting on things and people that waste his time, I decided to do something about it.

I draw up a list of major time-consumers of my "virtual" life on one leaf of my diary. On the opposite side, I wrote solutions. Well, some things and people just have to go. I am closing down some IMs - and devising old-fashioned ways to getting in touch with people. It's by the phone for those in the city; and an occasional call or mail for those abroad. Strangers are welcome to read my blog - on which I am disabling comments as part of my drastic time-saving measures - and enlighten or endarken themselves. If they agree with me, they have nothing more to say. If they disagree, I have nothing more to listen.

After all, I didn't build my life out of a blundering accident - I think through what I do - so thank you, half-baked free advisers, but you are worth as much as I
pay for your services!

Frankly, it was time for this action.

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