Thursday, March 15, 2007

Restoring my E-Chi - Part 3: The E-Soul, Saved!

Here are the steps I have taken to re-store the energy of my electronic life. You can use similar strategies; I bet they'll work.

Time-waster#1: Comments on my blogs
Time-saving solution: Disable comments. Those who really need me will find me. And cheap talk will be reduced. No need to prove blog popularity by comments - the people who like my blogs most never commented here anyway, but in real life. I enjoy that!

TW#2: My comments on other blogs, especially [blog name]. 2-3 hrs time lapsed. Brain damage by crazification.
TSS: NO COMMENTS. Those who agree with me, don't need me. Those who don't agree with me, also don't need me. / SEEK info through blogs; if I have to GIVE info, I should do it through *my* blogs. Use RSS reader for blogs so comments don't tempt. Though, hell, some blogs are more rich in comments than posts! - Afterthought: meet *really* important people in real-life or mail. Forget knowing everyone personally.

TW#3: Orkut scraps and responding to them. 1-1.5 hrs lapsed at a stretch
TSS: I thought scrapbook could be locked, but it doesn't seem to be an option. So. I am deleting all old scraps; and leaving a message NO MORE SCRAPPING. From now on, those who need me will find me; I will find those I need. No more impulse scrapping.

TW#4: Window Live Messenger - 2-4 hrs. Soul split.
TSS: Mail/ call brother abroad. Call all pals in city. Mail/ call pals abroad, occasionally to keep in touch and for important matters. Mail business contacts. FIX ONLINE MEETINGS with business(-like) contacts via mail for important discussions.

TW#5: Google Talk - indefinite time. Brain damage.
TSS: Delete/ avoid. Only use when urgent meeting with business contacts who use G-Talk. Use in need.

TW#6: Multiple email accounts. Soul split.
- Hide quoted text -

TSS: No solution yet; most likely converging to a couple only.

TW#7: Too many subscriptions. Mind chaos.
TSS: Take 1 hr to cancel not-needed subscriptions. Take 2 hours to list subscriptions NEEDED and keep/seek those. Divert all subscriptions to one account; not to be used for correspondence. Delete subscribed mails each month. Use Google for info when needed. Google hai na!

TW#8: Too many unchecked emails, messing up inbox feng shui
TSS: Restore inbox chi by taking one hour each day for a week to delete old mails. Delete subsequent mails when info digested/ action taken. Learn Gmail's archive function, and use it.

TW#9: Searching and typing in contact info
TSS: Update contact book; make templates for standard info and replies.

So. I took some of these actions in the past two hours since I started the crack-down. And I already feel better. Actually *lighter*. And I now have time for three yoga practices a day.

Now *that's* what I call restoring the chi!

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