Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bloody Hell!

All right, I am not going to mince any words. Bloody, bloody hell! I am so so angry and amused at myself at the same time.

I have *just* witnessed what I consider a minor, minor act of treason. I mean it's minor in its physical size but it means just as much as a peep through the keyhole means. It bloody well might be small, but you get the whole picture of what's going on at the other side: TREACHERY!

I hate this. I hate this. Anything but treason! Goodness mine - don't people KNOW the meaning of loyalty anymore? What the fu*k do they think they are doing - doing exactly what they know will hurt you.

And come to think of it - yes, yes! - it's ALL my fault! Why first of all on Earth can't I tell the difference between those who are loyal, and those who seek their own end anytime, all the time? I mean, how many times do I have to find that out, eh?

Second, it's very obviously The Universe giving me back a bite of what I had dished out to another: now eat you fool, you messer-of-the-world-order, eat! I mean I am not that innocent eh? When you set about to ping someone, you get a punch back! All I am seeing is a reaction to my own mal-intention, the very obvious reply to my own pretended innocence. "Oh no, really? Did I just participate in disloyalty to you? Oh, mere chance!"

All right so I have to take it on the chin! Yes. Be a woman! Face it, you fool!

Oh dear mine. What a casualty - the disloyal have to be weeded out. It still takes me nine minutes to figure out that a friend of an enemy is an enemy. That none is our soul mate but ourselves. The rest are, as Shaykh Fadhlalla so aptly put it, "checkmates."

Drat. Treachery ABSOLUTELY has to go out of my life. So does my own mal-intention.

On with it then!

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