Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Precarious Existence

Oh well. Prophecy, the pattern never breaks. Each time I rely on someone, they simply are shocked out of my life. Each time, the relationship simply betrays. The message is consistent: I am not to rely.

Now this is quite different from trusting or not trusting someone.

Relying is to just assume that the other will always be the same, there, and consistent. This is not the case ever, Prophecy. How can we rely on something that is shape-shifting in perpetuity?

The message is about internalizing responsibility in ourselves and, by extension, take responsibility for our relationships. Why would I trust someone else to do and to keep which, in some ways, I haven't been doing and keeping myself - i.e. my promise to myself?

Warriors don't blink their eyes, Prophecy. There is no shock for them, for they are always aware of the precariousness of the shape-shifting nature. You sleep with your eyes and your consciousness open in this jungle. Besides, Prophecy, it must not be a shock if you have seen your heart's deepest desire revealed to you. You asked for being confronted, and you are. So confront the truth. Stay the warrior.

Remember to watch with more than your eyes. Remember that each thought you have, each word you say, each move you make, is a consistent message to The Universe. And that this Universe is modifying, shape-shifting, throwing up from its endless reserves that what you, perhaps foolishly and inadvertently, want most.

This existence is always changing, it is based on laws that are the opposite of everything you logically know. You alone are your best friend - do not speak of treachery. Don't betray yourself, and you shall be betrayed not.

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