Monday, February 21, 2005

Being Extraordinary

We can achieve extraordinary things if we understand the relationship between I and the World.

Our relationship with the world is a bit strange. Most of us believe that we are somehow contained in the world. There is one huge world out there, which is watching us, analysing us, and of which we are the frigid, timid center. The world is watching.

Interestingly, the world sees us as an actor.

"I" has to know that the world is not a container, it is contained in our imagination, or perception, or whatever it is. We are actors in this world - and the more extraordinary ones understand that we also write the script.

I was walking in the tiny lawn of our home one day, when I met a lizard. Using the world's universal language (the secret language of Solomon), I spoke to the lizard. I thought it was horrendous looking, and I would certainly have a heart attack if it jumped at me. This I told the lizard plainly. The lizard replied, "With your thin brown skin and those ever changing attires, I think you look horrendous. I would have a heart attack if ever you jumped at me."

I was afraid of the lizard. The lizard was afraid of me. We both froze in fear of each other.

And this is the relationship between I and the world: of mutual appraisal, fear, paralysis.

The extraordinary amongst us is the child who shoos a hand at the lizard - even if in curiosity or to tease the animal - and watches it scamper away. Being extraordinary is just the simple act of acting when all else remains put.

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