Monday, February 21, 2005

A measure for everything...

...and everything by a measure!

The primary subject with which I have been concerned lately is destiny. In my language, Urdu, it is called “Taqdeer” – which derives from the Arabic word “qadr.” Qadr means “measure.”

Why this etymology? Because words and sounds represent concept – especially the more ancient the word/ phonetic sound, the closer it is to a concept.

Anyhow. Qadr means measure. This is fact #1. I pieced that together with truisms from the world of Physics, Mathematics, and Spiritualism – all of which state that there are fixed formulae and measures for everything. Initially, during my study of scriptures and spiritual sciences, I thought the word “formula” was used figuratively. Just like I’d say, “That model is a gorgeous bomb,” by which, of course, we do not expect her to explode any time.

But no. Formula means FORMULA. A precise, mathematical, physical formula. There is a measure for everything – we know that there are certain physical laws that govern our lives. And our knowledge of these laws will allow us to manipulate those formulae. There is a certain force required to project a rocket away from earth’s gravitational pull. This is a formula… this is a measure… and knowing this measure can change “qadr” for the one who has this knowledge. The more measures we know, the more we are able to manipulate. The more we know, the lesser we do not know. The more we know, the more the “qadr” is in our hands. The more we know, the more we control the formula – the destiny.


  1. So are you inferring that the more we know (in terms of science and technology and formulae), the more we can control our destiny? Then it would follow that people today control their lives much more so than our forefathers ever could. But I'm not so sure about that.

    And is destiny not all about realising that one is simply in control of one's own actions?

  2. I am not sure if we are indeed more advanced than the people before us. Arguably, nations in ancient times have been much more advanced, and reached the end of their life cycle. However, the cataclysms that destroyed those nations were geographically contained in certain areas.

    The second thing: Yes, the more we know, the more we can control. The little caveat: neither all knowledge nor all control are "good things."

    Third, yes. Destiny is about knowing where the control handle is, and the degree to which that control can be exerted... I am not finished on this subject yet (one blog could never be enough!), some of our common questions will be answered in the future. Thanks for asking. :)

  3. "...certain physical laws that govern our lives..."

    I think these laws are the formulae. For example the law of gravity, which is a precise measure. But these formulae/measures can not be manipulated, they remain constant, our discovery does not change them.

    Qadr or measure/formula can not be changed because that is science. For an explanation read this.

    So if we can not chnage Qadr how can we change our destiny? Because Qadr is not destiny. Qadr is the measure of ones life and the formulae governing (and influencing) it. But destiny is determined by free will - the good deeds and the bad deeds.

    I don't know who equated destiny with measure but to have a clear idea of my argument visit this. By the way I believe in free will as opposed to predestination.