Thursday, May 12, 2005


The first performance/exam at the end of the first semester of the third group of the first batch of the Academy went great, thought the audience. Even Zia Mohyeddin applauded. He pulled the group aside after the performance, and said, "Thank you!" I was glad everyone was happy and they responsded overwhelmingly positively. But, ugh, I expect much better theater. I don't know, I didn't hear myself errupting in applause inside. Very me, me, me to say this, - but I really did amazingly better theater in school more than a decade ago. Do we really decline mentally after school? Eh?

Still, I enjoyed the fact that our first endeavour was appreciated. I would have been mortified had it not turned out that good.

I was glad only that my mind was there, and intact. Thanks to memory, I remembered the good lesson, "No matter what the circumstances, you can!" After a series of strange, unsettling events one after another, I am glad that I can. I do. Actually, I enjoy the thrill of creating my own reality. Someone up there really was acting!

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