Friday, May 06, 2005

Square 1

One ends up where one begins. I am happy to have done it sooner than later. Unable to stay away from my love for education, non-profit sector, and IT - I am back to doing what I love best: beign an independent citizen of the world who indulges in the trends of her times. After working out a new work arrangement at my office, I am freer to get more involved with my real passions.

  • * Going to teach entrepreneurship at a local university! I put my foot down on this one when there was the slightest of chance I'd be steered away to another cource. In retrospect, I hear myself building an absolutely convincing case of why should I teach this course - and how well could I do it. Reminds me, one does best what one does with passion. Golden rule for work!
  • * Have rekindled my participation in the non-profit organizations I work for/ with/ in. I've found a couple of real cool non-profit portals. TakingITGlobal is one of them.
  • * Building up a website of my own. Eventually, and very soon so, it will be a people's website. It's going to be about art, culture, and media. There is a very rough front page that I have put up - in the process of gathering resources and working on it. Now that I have the freedom to!
  • * Going to read up Seven Habits - and finish it! And implement the best of it!
  • * Doing my writing work. I have to get organized to get better productivity out of me. See above!

Yes, what time is the clock showing right now? Thank God for things small and big. I am going to hit the sack now. Thank God for the sack (actually I sleep on the floor, but thank God for choice still!).


  1. Why entrepreneurship of all subjects?

  2. 1. Many MBAs are jumping off the corporate ship to srart own business. This is an important subject to be taught now.
    2. Entrepreneurship excites me! We need to study the subject Pakistani style here, focusing on Pakistani reality. This is what I am doing.
    3. I am focusing on the behavioral and characteristic approach to entrepreneurship. This is a good way to teach the subject, b/c entrepreneurship is a characteristic, it can't be learned from the books, as most business schools do.
    4. I am proving to be a pretty good teacher! :)
    5. The entrepreneur-types do not get te right education and exposure in school - and I want to focus on these students. Instill the attitude in them. Encourge them!
    6. Etc. etc.

  3. Yep, those sound like convincing arguments, to oneself at least, esp. the etc. etc. one. :-)

    Where are you teaching? Is this offered like a regular credit-course or more like subject matter as part of a wider course?

    I would love to exchange thoughts and comments on this if you like; I am also a student learning this subject. Is the email address you've given a valid one?

  4. My email address is a valid one. Let's talk there.

    P.S. It's a regular credit-course.