Sunday, May 15, 2005

Stupid Muslim

Have I written this before? Sometimes all I wish these days is to be a stupid Muslim. You know, the kind who follows without question. What was the meaning of the word Islam again? Aye, submission. Submission without question. Total, complete submission.

Well, honestly, I've always believed in God though I sometimes fashionably call myself agnostic. I am not agnostic; I have only tried to question/ prove/ resolve the enigmas of my faith. If that looks a bit like agnosticism, it may be because it is at least far removed from stupid Muslim-ism. Which I now pine for.

You know it's very - what shall I say? - intellectual to do things like determine how the universe was born, and whether it's actually multiverse. Artists and writers also worry about parallel universes. Did the universe explode and grow itself, or was there something before it? Who could have started all this, or have we just taken a form and substance of our own? Was it evolution or creation (by the way, I think both theories are true at once)? Is there any theory which can further befuddle the whole humanity about whether there is a God and what's the God's gender?

Is Dan Brown all factual in Da Vinci Code? And whether there's actually some sort of female goddess out there? Will science bow to religion, or religion give in to science?

A whole lot of issues for the humanity.

But honestly, what will these theories - proved or unproved - do? After all, it doesn't hurt to treat your family well. Or to clear a stone away from the path of the people. Or to help the needy. Or "have faith" in the time of distress. Call it think positive. Call it thinking about the future. By another name, it's called having faith. All these things make pretty common sense.

So what care I whether the universe is expanding or shrinking?

I just want to be stupid.


  1. During your life, always be cautious of people with limited or no literacy and experiences but strong religious convictions nevertheless.

    Historians say that had the library of Alexandria (and many others like it) not been burnt, we would have achieved space flight 500 years ago and visiting Mars today would be like visiting Multan.

    When we say that "Islam" means "submission", what exactly does that mean? Submission to what? To Allah? How? Problem is that every Tom, Dick and Harry has his own interpretation of how to submit to God.

    If God Wanted us to submit like a bunch of drones, we'd be trees or amoeba rather than humans. In my experience, we have been given the combination of intellect and a conscience so we understand how to submit. Else do you think that there is anything in the universe that does not submit to Allah? So what is the difference between us and a cockroach? The cockroach merely has primitive instincts and lives its life out based on these instincts. It is not aware and hence not accountable. We are. We must think and ponder and then decide. That is why we will be Judged.

    I personally believe that science and religion are the same. Science is just our trial-and-error account of getting where religion is and has been Handed down by God to us. Science is the means to an end and Religion is the end. At its apex science will not find anything that negates what religion says. If there is something in science which contradicts something in religion, then science is not there yet and will still undergo evolution. Science is humans using this intellect that you speak of to unravel and understand what religion has already told them.

    And yes...may God Help you attain as much "stupidity" as you strive for. Ameen. ;-)

  2. Reminds me of the attitude of the cows who sit in the middle of busy city roads, right in the peak traffic hour, oblivious to whats going around. Just being there .. thats all.

  3. Holy cow! Sriram, how'd you come up with that analogy? ;)

  4. I hope that was a rhetorical question ;)

  5. WOman u honestly gota get ur perspectives straight...dont jugde everythin by 1 opinion..thats where the losers end up!

  6. islam is the truth and the way to success