Saturday, October 22, 2005

I laughed this morning

I got up this morning and started to laugh. A full, deep, long laugh over an imaginary retaliation to a real stupid comment someone made. I heard my mind utter one of those sharp witty insults that I sometimes lash out at idiots. I told that guy, “You have the simple-mindedness of the only mullah of a parochial village with a population of 50!”

In response to the silly comment that guy made – about not asking for donations for EQ victims publicly because that’d be against the hadith that says one hand should not know what the other gave out (discretion) – and then his reminder of what ‘his organization,’ I just thought this line up, and laughed. No actually, I laughed when I thought I’d just record my trademark, “Baaaaaah. Very baaaaaaaahhd!” on an mp3 and send it along. That and the sound of baaaaaaaaahhhhd made me laugh.

But that’s not the point. All this is not the point. The point is that I laughed this morning. For no good reason really – a deep, silly laugh.

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