Monday, October 31, 2005

I just don't get enough of You!

Can you believe it!? How Cute, Cute, Cute, Loving and Tender-hearted Allah is!

Two days ago, I woke up real late after Sehri. Cursed my sloth. As I brushed my teeth, I wondered if I had any chicken curry all this Ramadan? No? Why not? I deserve to eat chicken curry.

Something told me I was being ungrateful. Something also told me to go ahead and ask anyway. So I did.

Five minutes later, I found chicken curry in the fridge. Lots of it, which is a rarity in our home after three men have feasted during Sehri.

Last Wednesday, I called a caring friend in a holy land. He was also very busy, but Something told me, I can push. I requested him to perform a pilgrimage for me, and pray for my forgiveness. He would, he said, but I knew it’d take him time. It was urgent! I wish I could fly myself!

Surely, the One who hears can manage to do things faster. He heard.

Today, I got a message from M. T., my dear, dear old pal. The message read:
Salaam. Today, here at umra. In Madina Paak. You and your family members are being remembered in prayers. May Allah bless all of us.

In a few days, InshaAllah, I will also get a dedicated Umra, just for me.

Meray Allah Mian kitnay Cute Cute Cute hain! :-*

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