Saturday, October 22, 2005

You built this city!

No, I don’t feel angry. I feel okay. In the larger scheme of things, all this is okay. Really.

God’s not the only one with the sense of Justice and Fairness. If I retain a bit of dignity, God, I have a sense of justice and fairness, too. So I’ll tell You this. It’s okay. You know when I built my house I never really said, “Thank You!” I said I built my house, and for anyone who cares to listen, here’s how and what I saved. They should invest in this place at that percent return too. And oh, I didn’t notice that You say, in your scheme of things, there is no space for profit on money. And other little things. They accumulate over time, aye, I heard that somewhere, but what care do I?

I don’t account for little things that accumulate.

You do.

And I didn’t care. But I see now.

And so I have a little dignity. And a little justice and fairness. So it’s okay, God. I don’t feel angry. I’m okay. And I’m sorry I never really said, “Thank You! You built this home, and You will take it down.” Sorry. Really.

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