Thursday, February 09, 2006

Are you thinking what I am thinking!?

A shared consciousness, or a pool of knowledge – well, to remain accurate, consciousness – is a possibility that has intrigued many over the ages. I am only observing a growing tendency in my on life these days: incidents of finding highly like-minded individuals – parallel to the increasing intolerance in the world. And individuals who can think for themselves, because zombies are the most all-alike things there are.

So. Finding so many people who are actually working on the exact same idea that I am, facing similar challenges, going through similar situations, having similar epiphanies, coming to similar is strange and fascinating to me. Especially because I always had an intellectual appreciation for intuition, but perhaps never went through the process. I preferred “experiment” over “experience.”

To me, intuition is a very complex math that spans over various fields. I have seen that the very calculating are, no matter what their intentions, often also highly intuitive. That hurts a little, because intuition, then, is like a pure form of knowledge. And sadly, pure knowledge can be used or abused. Having intuition is like having fire. It always irks me a bit to see a gift with the dangerous-minded talented.

As someone who taken immense delight in discerning and identifying patterns, I have always hoped that I find a way, or know of a way, in which patters can be used to understand their origin: a collective consciousness from which leaps out intuition.

Let me double-back a bit: I think intuition is mathematical because it is based on acute observation – whether fantastic, vicarious, or real. Over time, a person starts classifying experiences; stereotyping, tagging, and noting patterns. Next time faced with a similar situation, a person applies their “algorithm.” But the funny thing is that this algorithm may be part of a universal set.

In a previous post, I have mentioned the possibility of a universal aesthetic. And a universal body of knowledge. It’s like an ocean. So far, I did not know of serious academic interest in this and similar theories (if you can already see not one but many theories above, congratulations, you understand exactly what the “problem” is: many branches of the same tree!). Today I discovered that scientific minds indeed have wondered about the beyond. (Einstein was one of them, but let’s talk about the less popular.)

The Global Consciousness project at Princeton is all about reading patterns and understand if there is one gigantic body, a source, where all this info is being generated from. The creators of this project, in order to have a balanced approach between hard science and the tenderness of Man, they have “enriched [their view] by a creative and poetic perspective.” The links section is very rich. To be honest, it looks right to see acknowledgement of this sort of thinking by the mighty Princeton.

The interesting left-brain, right-brain visual on the main page amuses me. I am certain of a near future when the concept of whole-brain thinking on a global scale will be seen as not only refreshing, but also as the only way to resolve the global/glocal/local conflicts.


  1. one can never skim through your blog entries quickly. they demand full attention and slow reading. a careful processing of every word and phrase.

    and yes, to a certain extent i do agree with you about the instinct thing. though it might take a while for me to do a lil soul searching to find out my lil theory about it.

    i've always been impulsive-act-on-what-feels-right kind of a person. i've tried thinking logically or tried to think rationally about things... but it never worked.

    but wait...
    lemme get my thoughts straight.
    i may/may not get back to you on this.

    i dont know.

  2. I can't say I have made up my mind either. That would be so boring, anyway. No?

    Have you read the bit about Meryl Streep on this blog? You may find it interesting.