Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sense and the Muslim sensitivity: polls apart?

If the fate of the Muslim “renaissance,” self-respect, and confidence depends on which answer to this CNN poll gets the higher number of votes, I offer my condolences. Is this how low and pitiable the state of the Muslim world is – that we are in a frenzy to win an unscientific poll as open to rigging as this one is?

One only has to thank Allah that finally (as of this time) the Muslim-favored choice seems to be winning with 67% votes. Until about a couple of days ago, this was 33%, and it was a major concern to assure that “Respect for religious belief” wins over “Freedom of expression” in answer to “What is more important?”

I wonder what agony would result if this poll winner was/eventually is “freedom of expression?” And I wonder how, in any real and meaningful way, the Muslim condition will improve if all my friends and their friends vote for “religious belief?”

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