Thursday, February 09, 2006

Online spiritual library. Will the wonders of discovery cease?

It seems that I will never cease to be amazed at the under-marketing/ un-marketing of Pakistani websites. Have they checked the latest figures for internet usage? Perhaps this news item about the success of Pond’s online campaign can convince marketers that internet has arrived in Pakistan.

Anyway. I found out another treasure of info. This time, it might be a little off the beaten track, but not for readers of Urdu literature in the country (Pakistan). It is the link to Roohani Digest, issued by the guardians of the Azeemi Sufi order in Pakistan. As a regular reader of Urdu papers since my childhood – I have read the spiritual guidance columns by the Azeemi sheikhs in Jang. What I like most about them is their practicality, straightforwardness, and an appreciation for Science.

The order believes that women will achieve a rise in status the world over in the 21st century – unparalleled with female achievements earlier in the history. Combine that what writers like Paulo Coelho (original view) and Dan Brown (pop fiction guy) have been whispering, and you might be looking at a rather coherent body of knowledge pointing in the direction of the possibility of the rise of a feminine society.  

But that’s a recent attraction only – and now that I have just opened my mind to all this talk about Gaia. Ask no questions and you will get no lies. Or rather, no theory-in-progress. But I digress.

The major attraction in spirituality, for me, has been the Azeemis’ inclination towards science and their sympathies for the prosecuted scientists of the Renaissance/ Enlightenment. The works, translated in English and in original Urdu version, are available in the Azeemia Library for free.

I have also tried and tested some of their spiritual recommendations. They work; and that’s where I shall leave it. For this is neither an endorsement nor a recruiting campaign. I am myself, so far, a distant reader.

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