Sunday, January 28, 2007

Divine Art: the icon

More about the Divine Art Movement.

I have talked to some artists online and off-line about the idea; it has sparked interest... more to follow.

This is the icon I drew; but I am already thinking of replacing it with a diagram by Keith Critchlow that shows creation in action.

The Divine Art Icon
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I am excited to discover that my idea has serious potential, both philosophically, and as a strong trend in the art world. Today I discovered an exhibition at the James Cohan Gallery, Cosmologies, "an exhibition which explores the wide ranging strategies used to depict notions of 'the universal.'"

A brief history of my (very private) quest, as I wrote in a letter to Sushma Sabnis today:

"I have been wondering and wondering about this approach towards arts - calling it everything from Islamic art to spiritual art to humanist art - but none of these titles got it. I have actually been trying to find art that shows how people of various faiths, times, and geographies understand their place in the Universe - especially with reference to the Divine. The problem was that I could not exactly define what I was looking for."

Now I think I have found something.

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