Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Divine Art Movement


I finally have a name for a concept: DIVINE ART.

The Divine Art Movement

I have given myself the freedom to describe what I feel must be a movement - not a way of creating art, but understanding art.

My philosophical statement can be summarized in one line: "Life is an act of waking up."

It is a limitation of human vision that we believe that we create things. We simply re-use what the Divine Hand has placed around us in our environment. Knowledge, to me, is understanding our surrounding. The objective of philosophy is to allow humans to see the truth of existence. Video gamers and other users of virtual reality, ironically, are in the best position to understand this.

The philosophy of the Divine Art Movement: there is a pattern to Divine Creativity, and human creativity is nothing but the identification of and re-arrangement of Divine patterns.

Throughout history, artists and craftspersons have dedicated themselves to understanding the Divine through identifying and using divine patterns. Geometric art and tribal patterns are the two great instances of this approach.

As a philosopher, I believe that every human, from their own "point of interest", is both entitled and "duty-bound" to know the Divine. The true path to Divine goes through humanity and a spirit of sharing. An artist, by this philosophy, does not make art for art's sake nor for their own sake, but for the sake of humanity and Divinity.

Divine Art would lead to art that is harmonious, beautiful, peaceful, serene, and truly embracing of the beauty of the natural patterns of creation.

-Ramla A.
Renaissance Soul


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