Monday, January 29, 2007

A Quest for Beauty...

I have been, since long, in the quest of the beautiful design of life, and now I feel I have reached a certain point where I can look back and say: "I have been a seeker of the truth."

A Vision
I have always had a vision of a world where people of varied languages, ethnicities, talents, and tastes are doing their best, enjoying their rights, giving back to the world, and are oriented towards a common, larger direction. I see all people in a large circle, holding hands, with their glowing faces turned upwards.

And this strange vision has been driving most of my work in this life.

A Quest to Understand Art
This is a personal quest that began not with the arts, but with science, and progressed through fields as varied as business and technology. I learned about Einstein's general theory of relativity and the theories of time and space as a child; and spent the teen years discussing theories with my brother - an able math-minded person.

Last year, I designed the People-Centered Model of Business (PC-MOB) (read blog; download paper) which puts humans at the center of the "universe" of business. I put "belief system" at the top/ start of the cycle of human behavior.

Belief determines everything. However, I saw that the model lacked dimensions, and that perhaps belief (or the lack/distortion of it) must be at the center; around which everything revolves. Anyhow, belief is a very strong determinant of the shape and actions of the human society... and the PC-MOB shows this dynamic in action.

Recently, I have been learning the Sufi concept of cosmology. And very recently, I have turned my attention towards art.

Art is tricky; in the words of John Bielenberg, the art scene (globally) is dominated by "postmodernist nonsense."

Divine Art Movement - a new way of understanding art
I have been searching for a new approach to arts as part of my project on a new thinking about everything - a general theory of everything - an integrated approach towards being, with humans at the center. Now I've learned they call it "cosmology."

Why do I seek? Because this is an eternal human quest. Besides, I have found life so disintegrated by fragmented beliefs, that it is my mission to have a coherent system of life that weaves humanity together, and weaves humanity into its larger context.

Through the Divine Art movement, I hope to bring a new understanding to what art is, and what good is it to humanity. There is a lot to explore; and I am already excited by discovering that there are indeed many like-minded souls out there.

The Divine Art Movement

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