Friday, May 30, 2008

The End of Time

I had an insight.

What is Time?

Time is wanting or doing something - the better phrase is engaging with something - for some purpose other than that thing itself. There is then a distance between the End and Self, and Means are the Space within.

The opposite of Time must be Joy.

When we do something completely for itself, and not for something before it, and not for something after it, we enjoy it. We in-joy.

To release from Time, a method is to Be One's True Self. This ends the distance, the space within one's potential state and one's existing state. Be yourself. That will life the curse of time.

Prophecy, intend strongly, now, right now to release your Self from Time. Just do it.


(Go read That Which Ends Time. You know what it is. "The Event.")

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