Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Matrix of Life

"The Other is like our training program. The moment we (the Self) learn the lesson, and extract a beneficial understanding of the program, there is no need for that program to continue as it is. It ends.

But most of us seek to change that program, to correct it. Which makes the program run stronger, if anything.

Interestingly, we are the training program to the Other. If they too, unfortunately, try to fix us, the "conflict" escalates.

But we cannot control their process, so our focus remains us. Indeed, it's only us we transform, because the Other is a training program - even when they show grace in the face of our failures!

The moment we learn our lesson from the Other - that program - it transmutes into the beneficial, or may disappear altogether. Job done.

Another training program is then loaded."

This insight occurred to me just as I was loading my computer. Wow.

I attended two days of the highly transformative workshop on Personal Excellence by E Schuitema - and some profound insights are likely to rise from my consciousness.

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