Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Footloose in SoHo


I don't understand how and for what to build castles of permanency. My Self dreads any promise or imposition. I don't want to run to anything, nor away from anything. I am.

The quickest for me to destroy something is to feel attached to it, and to try to develop any attachment. I want every moment in my life to be dissolving, a self-destructive temporal, ethereal message.

Even though there is still some lingering pain in destruction, I'd rather have that gone-ness than a sticky residue. You know what I mean?

That reminds me - (oh memory, memory!) - my first ever proper website was titled "Footloose in SoHo" - a collection of teenage angsty poetry and agony imagery. Beautiful, though.

I like the footlooseness. I wonder if my feet hurt not because of wandering, but for the lack of it. Aye - that must be it! The invisible ailment that no machine nor scanner can pick. The ailment of not being who one is.

Anyhow. What a wandering little blog! But then - hasn't it been called A Quest for Beauty; a Lust for Life right from its inception? Names have meanings, Prophecy. You know that!


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