Thursday, May 29, 2008



I must tell you I am extremely angry. This cannot go on.

Don't create explanations of how you feel or how you should feel. As long as there is a thinking gap between you and what you perceive, you are not there!

I am tired of you dragging on and putting your faith where you know it does not belong. It makes people dangerous when they are in a world they don't want to be in.

When the moment of truth presents itself to you, stop arguing and wondering. This is not the point! No one ever got anywhere by admiring a bus, but rather by taking it!

I understand you are in a shift - what I don't understand is your romance with the shift. Mind prolongs time, understand that. Whoever went about creating time never got to where they wanted to - because the only "thing" to get to is the Now. Miss that, and you will perpetually be indebted to your Past. Avoid that, and you will keep venturing into the Future.

This is a curse, Prophecy! This entangled the best of human potential and never allowed it to be manifested. DO NOT CREATE TIME. Do not believe even for a second that you can be or could be anything else than who you truly are at the moment.

Be you.

Apply what you have learned, or there is no need to go on.

Be you.

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