Thursday, July 27, 2006


If you believe in as many as six incredulous things before breakfast, this may be one for you:

This amulet, if embroidered upon black satin, followed by a chanting of the mantra "Nades, Suradis, Maniner," would make a jinn appear.

Be careful before you make a wish, though. This story about those who wish more than what fate ordains (and get it) would curb any amount of enthusiasm you might have for such an activity, unless you are You-Know-Who himself.

P. S. My opinion? I actually believe in most kinds of non-sense, in that they can happen, if only to find life entertaining.

No actually I do believe in most kinds of things. Anything can happen in a theoretical world. With my love for mathematically warped worlds, I cannot say something cannot happen. It can. But will it?

Whether we must do something or not is a question to answer which we have been given a highly well-functioning brain. I don't recommend any silly practice. And I am serious. For a witchy reason.


  1. Throughly cool post! :) Enjoyed it!

  2. Praying for Allah's love, mercy and compassion is better than wishing. Thinking about all the possibilities of myth and legend may really be only a search for an entity to empower us, when actually, as the Sufis say, "There is nothing more occult than human beings." We have all of the universe within us, and all its possibilities. All you need is love :)

  3. Reminds me of the old adage, "I am therefore I will". Ponder over something or explore this that very strangely, supernatural phenomena obey certain demographics; everything from UFO sightings to ghosts. How is this possible? Everything is possible, and everything that is possible was, is and will.