Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ilahi and the One Language

A late night muse:

Something I had been putting together - or apart - on bits and pieces of paper: the name of Ilahi - God - in various scripts and symbols. Abjad in the top line, alphabet in the second line, and symbol in the third, bottom line. The ones in red are calligraphic symbols created by me - whether they exist as de facto symbols, I know not. The red swastika, however, is close to an ancient Norse symbol (the Sun cross).

I am noting how Ilahi of the abjad script is almost a mirror image of Ilahi of the alphabet script; and how each of these two are not so distinct from the sacred symbol of Om (or the Nazi swastika) - all presented here with my analytic stylizations.

In all languages, symbols, and scripts, these similar forms mean God, or a concept of God.

The inspiration for this exercise is here, apart from in the vast world of languages and symbols: Will Robert Langdons of linguistics save the world?
Further information for lovers of languages is available on Omniglot.

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