Wednesday, July 26, 2006

How sense-tive are you?

The five senses do not operate alone. We decide whether our lunch tastes good or bad based on its smell. The more we can put two or more senses together, the more sensitive we are.

Here is a test I have created, the likes of which exist already, to understand how we understand senses.

Question: Which of these two shapes on the right, A or B, is "Sweety" and which is "Spicy"?

Give the first answer that comes to your head.

Post updated; picture previously not visible to some.


  1. A's spicy.
    B seems sweet.

    How sense-tive am I?

  2. Aha! Anon, I have what I believe a description for your choice.

    Let's wait a couple more answers - the photo was not appearing through blogspot to most earlier.

  3. A is sweet
    B is spicy


  4. A spicy, B sweet

  5. A = Spicy
    B = Sweet

    Waiting for the analysis :)

  6. A is spicy
    B is sweety

  7. Sign off with your name/ nick/ blog ID/ initials/ smiley, people! I can't tell one from the other.

  8. A spicy, B sweet...

    can i get a sneak peek at the results?
    u know my email!!!

  9. Amir Hamza JamaliJuly 27, 2006 at 9:43 AM

    A Sweety
    B Spicy

    HAmza J

  10. majority opinion

    A is Spicy
    B is Sweety

  11. The answer is here!

    According to me, those who said A = Spicy and B = Sweety got it right!

    And even though we have a statictically insignificant number of answers, the answers tend to largely affirm the theory.

    Thank you all!